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Why Becoming a Data Scientist is the Next Logical Move?

 July 9  | 0 Comments

Amongst the variety of job profiles, Data Scientist might not be the first job to come to your mind. But big companies are hiring skilled Data Science professionals to handle and organize their data.

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Owing to the fact that data scientists are in huge demand, it seems to be the hottest IT job in the market. The world is producing more data every day and it has become a tedious job to convert heaps of data into insights that can be acted upon. As the size of the data is growing larger and larger, the demand for Data Science is taking the world by storm and companies want to find the right professionals who can understand, amalgamate, communicate and organize data in a way that benefits the company.

Looking to land the hottest Data Scientist job? Here’s what you need to know?

Demand for Data Science

In the past years, analysts used excel tool to analyze data. Things are changing now! In this modern world, data-driven decision making is sparkling and technology is advanced in the data industry. Here are some of the data analyzing tools and languages that are implemented across industries as shown in the image.

Hiring professionals who can handle the above tools will quadruple your business. Professionals who have statistical, analytical and soft skills can better communicate data science insights.

What does a Data Scientist do?

It’s just a simple question from outside but complex when you actually think about it.

A professional with a logical mind, a persistent attitude, a talent for simplifying the problems can be a successful Data Scientist. It’s not necessary to have a long academic career.

Data Scientists influence a pile of data in an innovative way to discover valuable trends and insights. This approach helps to identify opportunities by implementing research and management tools to optimize business processes by reducing the risks. Data Scientists are also responsible for designing and implementing processes for data mining, research and modeling purposes.

A classic business is of no use without a Data Scientist and it would fall behind in the race of brands in the market. Before it’s too late, invest in Data Science and avail business benefits in the long.

Why Data Scientist is the hottest job?

Today, around the world, 6 billion devices are interconnected and producing million megabytes of data every day. Because of these huge volumes of data, Data Scientists are also in huge demand.

A few years back, everybody wanted to become programmers, web designers or just to be a part of IT industry because the pay was super high. With time, the salaries got lower as the supply of professionals was higher.

Right now, the same is happening with Data Science. People are very much willing to get into the Data Science industry as the demand is very high with a good salary package and supply is really low. Thus, there is a huge demand for highly skilled Data Science professionals, and companies are constantly looking for people who can fill this gap.

Let’s explore the exciting facts about Data Science Job Trend and Salary Trend.

What is the job trend of Data Scientists?

The global demand for Data Science professional is very high due to increasing relevance across various sectors. Data Science has become the most-sought skill as the data is piling along with a surge in other tech fields such as AI, machine learning and Data Analytics. This taps into every aspect, and hiring is being carried across various domains such as e-commerce, education, retail, telecom and much more.

  • Recently Glassdoor revealed the 50 best jobs in America, and expectedly Data Scientist appeared in the top place consecutively for the second time.

  • LinkedIn says, there are 13,700 open positions for Data Scientist in the United States.

  • Leading companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook have hired Data Scientists and seen huge gains from it.

Do you know? The average salary of a Data Scientist varies based on the skill set. Let’s have a look at the below image to know more about Data Scientist’s salary based on the skill set.