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10 Best Data Science Ted Talks You Must Watch

Think of any topic, subject or field under the sun and there most likely is a Ted Talk about it. Such is the popularity of the Ted platform that experts and bright minds across the globe have used it and continue to use it to put forth ideas on business, global issues, sports – everything that they think is worth sharing. Sure enough, there are several data science Ted talks too. Which are the ones you must watch? This blog brings you the most interesting data science Ted Talks that you definitely ought to watch.

Data Science Is for Everyone

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Rebecca Nugent is a professor at the Department of Statistics in Carnegie Mellon University. In this insightful talk, she explains why data science is really the science of the people and calls on students and professionals from all backgrounds, including the humanities and social sciences, to put it to use within their domains. She truly believes that “we’re all data scientists” and tells us exactly why she thinks so.

Finding a Match Online using Data

Amy Webb is the founder and CEO of Future Today Institute. She is the author of the book – Data: A Love Story. And in this funny talk, she tells us how she “hacked online dating” to achieve life changing results. Guess what, it all began with a spreadsheet.

Fighting Crimes with Data

Anne Milgram is a criminal justice reformer, who wants to fight crime using data analytics. In 2007, when she became the Attorney General of New Jersey, she was surprised to find that her team had very little clue about the people they were putting in jail. Nor did they know if their punitive actions were making the public any safer. Thus, began her quest to incorporate statistics-based criminal analysis into the American judicial system. This talk summarizes her experiences so far and makes the case for “why smart statistics are the key to fighting crime”.

What Social Media Likes Reveal About You

Jennifer Golbeck is a computer scientist and Director of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Maryland. She studies how people interact on social media and wants to improve these interactions. In this data science Ted talk, she explains computer scientists like her and Facebook can draw behavioral and preferential inferences about half of the world’s internet users by observing random likes and shares on Facebook. Truly, “your social media ‘likes’ expose you more than you think”.

Debunking Myths of the Developing World with Data

This data science Ted Talk has a clickbait title – “the best stats you’ve ever seen” that pulls you in. And, it does not disappoint. Data visionary and global health expert, Hans Rosling is dramatic and engaging like a sports presenter. He uses data to debunk myths about populations of the global south with great urgency convincingly.

The Art of Data Visualization

David McCandless is a data journalist, who has mastered the art of data visualization. Data visualization is an important part of data science. And when done right, it helps communicate even the most complex of insights in a simple fashion. This talk is the perfect example. It truly reveals the “beauty of data visualization”.

The Complex Control of Power

James Glattfelder is a complex systems theorist, who aims to provide a deeper understanding of how the global economy works using data on its people and their interactions. He does this because he wants to make the world a better place for us to live in, not to push his/an agenda. In this data science Ted talk, Glattfelder shares pathbreaking research on how control flows in the global economy to illustrate why control in the hands of a few makes everybody more vulnerable.

 What Next with Machine Learning

Kenneth Cukier is the Data Editor of The Economist. He is the co-author of the book ‘Big Data: A Revolution that Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think’. In this forward-looking talk, Cukier tells us why ‘big data is better data’ and gives us insights into the future big data-driven technologies and their design with advancements like machine learning.

Not Big Data, But “Thick” Data

If Cukier’s talk convinced you that big data is better data, this talk from technology ethnographer Tricia Wang offers an alternate view. She explains why companies like Netflix and Nokia that have access to large amounts of data on their customers fail to utilize them. Instead, she tells us we should focus more on thick data, which provide us with “human insights missing from big data”, for better results.

The Worst Place to Park in NYC

City agencies in NYC had a lot of data about their urban life that they didn’t know how to use. Enter Ben Wellington – a data scientist, who is interested in city life, and suddenly there are strange and useful insights like where not to park in NYC. In this entertaining talk, Wellington reveals how a few unexpected questions and innovative data crunching can lead to surprising findings. He also shares tips on how to release large data sets so that anyone can use them.

We hope you liked this list of data science Ted talks. What are your favorite data science Ted Talks or videos? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading and happy learning!



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