How Data Science Is Changing The Restaurant Industry.

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Today, all of us are spoilt for choices thanks to food delivery apps that cater to our every beck and call. Restaurants with foresight have recognized that the process of winning over their customers begins in their minds rather than their stomachs. Data science and analytics have helped various enterprises in the food and beverage industry to figure out how to curate food in such a manner that loyal customer base is built.

How Data Science Is Changing The Restaurant Industry.

Machine learning algorithms will help you identify patterns that work on recipes that are crowd favorites. Many restaurants have taken big data one step ahead by combining popular ingredients to create new dishes with a high probability of being appreciated by customers. Below are the ways, data science is changing the restaurant industry:

  • Placing orders online using mobile apps with options for customization based on data.
  • Virtual assistants or chatbots who help customers place their orders as well as get their inquiries answered have been adopted by huge food chains.
  • Many popular restaurants have already incorporated AI-driven robots to increase the volume and speed of food preparation and delivery.
  • AI-based applications to help consumers choose meals & suggest foods they are more likely to choose based on their eating preferences.
  • Easier online transactions at food outlets can be done from the comfort of one’s home.

Let’s explore in-depth some of the applications of data science in the restaurant industry:

1. Faster And Precise Food Deliveries

It’s hard not to get excited at seeing your favorite pizza delivered in less than 30 minutes. A great deal of logistics and data analysis is involved in getting your pizza delivered at your doorstep before it goes cold.

Data science and analytics can be used to monitor and track factors like traffic, weather, current climates, route changes, construction and even distance that play a huge role in a well-timed successful delivery. AI and machine learning systems can help in calculating and predicting the crucial estimated delivery time details too.

2. Fine-Tuned Customer Preference Analysis

Thanks to the advent of social media, it has become easier for machine learning algorithms to analyze customer sentiments with ease. Restaurants can determine which recipes customers prefer so that they can frame better business strategies.

All kinds of mentions across social media (in the form of ratings and reviews) are collected, analyzed, sorted and visualized to generate data for statistical interpretation. The information derived through sentiment analysis continues to help a lot of businesses improve their current ambiance, start a new branch etc. To get deeper insights on customer preferences tools like Natural Language Toolkit and Textblob are becoming quite popular among restaurants of today.

3. Sophisticated Experiences Through Mobile Apps

Mobile apps that are exclusively for food delivery or belong to restaurant chains have made it quite convenient to research a menu, place an order or even book a table in no time. These apps also promote exclusive deals and loyalty rewards programs for regular customers.

Luring customers with attractive offers are also a great way to get vital customer data in return. This means businesses can track customer behavior like how often they order, what they eat and from which branch.

This strategy is clearly existent due to the backing of data science and analytics. This has aides business deliver more personalized customer experiences.

4. More Transparency In The Way Food Is Made

Industries in the food and beverage industry that allow more transparency in their food processing process are more likely to have better customer loyalty. Customers who are convinced that their favorite brands use hygienic, environmentally-friendly initiatives and cruelty-free initiatives are more likely to become loyal followers.

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