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Top 5 Ways A Data Science Certification Will Benefit Your Career

Benefits Of A Data Science Certification

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“Why do I need a data science certification?” is a popular query among many students and professionals in tech today. As far as a data science certification is concerned, it has become one of the most sought-after certifications because of the data science wave. Data scientists are the fastest growing roles in the tech market today especially, as more and more companies are seeking certified and well-trained data professionals.

Top 5 Benefits Of A Data Science Certification 

If you are still bogged by second thoughts when it comes to investing in a data science certification course, you need to check out the 6 ways it will help your professional growth.

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1. Indicates Your Degree Of Passion & Self-Motivation

A certification on your resume will indicate to your potential employer and professional peers that you are an individual who takes your career seriously. In a rapidly advanced digital age, the half-lives of your skillset are reducing with time. Any hiring manager is looking for candidates who are driven and sincere about their job aspirations. Any self-motivated individual who is keen on a data science career would have at least one certification of international recognition in his/her repertoire.

2. Serves As A Stamp Of Credibility

A certification is a validation of your skills. While organizations are looking to hire a data scientist, the first preference is for those candidates who have a degree/certification from a reputed institute. Earning an accredited certification in data science is an evidence of high standards of education.

3. Increases Your Probability To Land The Best Roles

Simply put, a certification will increase your likelihood to get hired! In a study conducted by Microsoft, 91 percent of hiring managers claimed that certification played a major role in the selection process of candidates. It’s not a cakewalk to earn a data science certification and there are many lucrative opportunities for those who are certified in the field. Your resume will surely stand out from the rest when you have the relevant certification. Therefore, you give an additional reason for employers to invest in you.

4. Keeps You Updated With The Latest Industry Trends

Getting a data science certification will help you stay updated about the latest trends in the domain. Learning something new every day is the key to expand your knowledge base. If you are a working professional, you wouldn’t have time to do it from multiple sources. Hence, it’s best recommended that you enroll for a data science certification with a reputed institute so that you can enhance your learning experience. This will even make you an asset to your employer in the future.

5. Eligibility Across Various Domains And Industries

Defense, healthcare, entertainment, retail etc. are all leveraging the power of data science today. There are a million avenues for certified data scientists. Specifically, countries like United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, and India have been employing data scientists at a steady pace. A data science certification will make you eligible for jobs like solution architect, data scientist, project manager, business intelligence professional and statistician.

Therefore, it’s safe to that a data science certification is a guaranteed ticket to future professional success. Any data science aspirant should keep procrastination at bay and get enrolled with a data science certification course. You wouldn’t even have to quit your job to earn a certification.

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The benefits of a data science certification should definitely encourage you to earn one. It will not only propel your career but also future-proof your job.

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