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Frequently Asked Data Analyst Job Interview Questions

 July 9  | 0 Comments

It’s natural to feel both excited and nervous when you are about to attend an interview process. If all that’s in between you and your dream data analyst job is an interview, here are a compilation of the top data analyst job interview questions you should know.

Below Are FrequentlyAsked Data Analyst Job Interview Questions

The demand for skilled data analysts is high but hiring managers are still unable to find the right candidates to meet this need. Although every data analytics interview is different, these FAQs will get you a fair idea of how to face it with confidence.


Why Did You Choose To Become A Data Analyst?

This is the most certain introductory question asked by hiring managers. Your answer should showcase your love for the field of data analysis. You are more likely to impress the interviewer if you entered data analysis through an upskilling course. Candidates who enroll in upskilling courses are considered to be passionate learners who are good at time management.

Most aspiring data analysts have benefitted from some distinct courses in Analytics offered by Acadgild. Click this link to know more.

What Are The Latest Trends in Data Analysis Today?

This question is often used to figure and filter out the self-motivated data enthusiast among several candidates. You should be up-to-date with the latest developments in tech space. According to industry experts, someone who’s an ardent data enthusiast would know the following trends of the year 2018:

  • Cloud analytics is rising like the right arm of data analytics.
  • There’s no stopping the growth of big data and artificial intelligence.

Additionally mention the books, blogs, seminars or webinars you have read or attended on data analytics. It’s hard for any interviewer to overlook a candidate who’s knowledgeable and well-read about the topic.

What Are The Various Steps You Would Follow During An Analytics Project?

Interviewers ask this question to figure out how well candidates can explain what they do in a crisp and simple manner. Explain in brief about the 4 steps data exploration, data preparation, data modeling, validation and implementation of the model and tracking.

What Has Been The Most Difficult Project You Have Handled Till Date?

Here, the interviewer wants to analyze your problem-solving skills. Take them through the hurdles you faced with that project and what you did as an analyst to arrive at a solution. You should also mention how this challenging project helped you grow as an individual as well as a team player.

What Are The Different Types Of Data Analysis Tools You Have Worked With?

You can frankly speak about the tools you used in your data-related projects like Excel, Tableau, R, SAS, SQL, and Python.

What Are The Most Common Problems Faced By Data Analysts?

An experienced candidate would be aware of the hiccups faced by data analysts in their jobs. These include duplicate entries, missing values, misspelling, mismatched value representations, illegal values and overlapped values.

What’s Your Favorite Kind Of Role?

Use this opportunity to express whether you would want to move to a managerial role in your new job. Let your potential employer also know whether you are keen on remaining in a strictly technical role itself.

The list above is just a handful of top data analyst job interview questions. However, interviewers can ask questions to gauge your subject knowledge too. Therefore, prep yourself to face questions of all kinds. If you are keen on becoming a data analyst, check out the Analytics courses offered by Acadgild.