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15 CSS Puns That Will Make ROFL Even if You Are Not a Techie

 July 9  | 0 Comments

It is always good to have fun at the workplace in between the busy schedule to refresh ourselves of any profession. But what if, our job itself is off fun? Yes, here is a programming language itself is fun to code, which is nothing but CSS language. With great codes, come great jokes. Check out the 15 CSS Puns.

15 CSS puns that will make you ROFL even if you’re not a techie

1. Why the hell it has to be in white always

2. Technically, it’s not that big

3. Probably, the best job ever

4. Jack( ) { float: none; } Rose ( ) { float: on }

5. The best place to hide things!

6. If you don’t wanna believe it. Good luck with your married life.

7. When, you’re sneaking into your siblings room

8. Dining Table = Hulk mode on

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9. Ouch! When you stamp on a LEGO block

10. When you’re not a Pay Master

11. When you shop for shoes online feels like everything goes quite right

13. Are you a BADA55?

14. Happiness is headshot kill!

15. I know him by the name “ROCK”

Go ahead and comment more CSS puns and we will present you with a curated list of the best comments. and also keep visiting for more updates on the courses.