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Career Switch: Neelam’s Journey from Chemistry to Android Development

 July 9  | 0 Comments

AcadGild alumni are absolutely slammin’ it, and we believe our students are our best advocates. Read on to figure out how learning Android Development Training with AcadGild (now certified by Google) helped Neelam with his career!
Neelam Venkatesh is busy juggling an incredibly cute baby girl at home, a high-octane corporate job, and learning new skills at the same time. But even on his most tiring days, he has no regrets. Read to find out more about the story of his career switch.
Determined to leave his chemistry job behind, Neelam, decided to completely overhaul his career, military style. Today he sits in a plush, sterile office that is a far cry from the stuffy chemistry labs he once found himself working in until a few years ago.
For a curious mind like Neelam’s (he is a self-confessed world cinema fanatic and an avid video game player), it was hardly a surprise that he was going to restrict himself to a cacophony of beakers and burettes for the rest of his life (not that he complained).
For a year, Neelam tried his hand as a Lab Chemist at Nava Bharat Ventures Pvt. Ltd., a company that works with ferro alloys-, mining-, and power-related projects, after which, he went on to work for two years with the First American Corporation, a US-based financial services juggernaut operating since 1889.
Though Neelam enjoyed many aspects of his chemistry job, he was constantly searching for something more challenging. Tech fascinated him. Fortunately, he found a boss who was supportive of his plan to make a career switch.
Furthermore, his stint with the financial services giant reassured his gut-feeling that he was going to go places with his choices. With a renewed confidence, Neelam set out to exploring the world of technology.
Neelam earned a bachelor’s degree (with majors in math, physics, and chemistry), but as soon as he was done with it, he knew his heart belonged to the world of technology. After his short gig with the chemistry firm, he raced to get his Post-Graduation Diploma in Computers Application (PGDCA) that fueled his forays into tech.
Neelam had finally taken the leap. He overcame his lack of experience and broke into a multitude of fields he felt truly inspired by. In 2015, he even completed his Master’s degree in Business Administration (Human Resources Management and Services) from Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam, India.
Today, Neelam works as a data analyst with Cyient Pvt. Ltd. where he has been working for the past three years. This kind of exposure to tech has further egged him on to gain expertise in this field.
With a bit of digging for online certification courses, he stumbled upon a course in Core Java Training (finished in August 2016) at AcadGild and signed up for the Android Development course at the academy immediately after that.
Neelam says, “First I was a little skeptical about pursuing a course at all, but Mr. Jiwan Pradhan from Acadgild motivated me a lot. I owe it to him.”
When asked what exactly drives him to do one course after the other, Neelam says, “Since I am married and have a family now, I need to grow financially. Plus, these courses will help boost my career further.”
He adds, “I like the mentor-driven oriented teaching at AcadGild. Mentors are very interactive with students, extremely skilled, and treat learners at all stages of expertise equally. My batch mates and I, never hesitate to clarify our doubts.”
Here’s a piece of advice from Neelam for those planning to make a career switch like him.
“A lot of you may not know about AcadGild, but it is a great source to get tech knowledge from. These courses will help you climb higher in your careers. Do not hesitate to choose career paths that may not agree with what you have on your CVs right now; there are always courses out there to help you with it.”
He finally adds, “With this course, I hope to do better as a professional and take my career to greater heights.”
In case a lot of you feel not very satisfied with your jobs, it may be a good idea to rethink your careers, as, after all, it is never too late to learn. And those of you who have have been able to muster some courage to think on the lines of making a career switch, it is best to first list out the things that may still be holding you back (finances, fear of failure, being too old, and so on) and see if they can be successfully surmounted.
The Android Development Course at AcadGild builds upon Android basics, studio tools, architecture, activity lifecycle of apps, and much more. Core components, such as Intents, Adaptors, SQLite, and Fragments will also be taught in detail.
Check out this space for more such inspiring AcadGild alumni stories! Join Acadgild for Android Development Courses now!