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Career Switch: From a Bio-Scientist to a Front-End Web Developer

 July 9  | 0 Comments

If you’ve ever dreamed of changing careers, you’re certainly not alone. So, instead of feeling down about heading back to your not-quite-a-dream-job tomorrow, get inspired by Kaustabh Bhattacharjee’s story and his new gig.
Kaustabh, like a lot of us, trudged along a familiar path in his quest to achieve career excellence by deciding to study science. He graduated in biosciences from Calcutta University and was expected to wade through the regular fair once he stepped out of college.
A science laboratory-dweller until a few years ago, Kaustabh is now a successful graphics designer who is seen moving toward the field of web development gradually. He recently signed up for a course in Front-End Development with AcadGild.
Let’s find out what exactly egged him on to take that initial plunge.
Not privy to most eyes, Kaustubh was secretly brewing a pot-full of inspirational and artistic ideas but never saw it as more than a hobby. When asked what exactly inspired him to take up an unrelated profession altogether, even he couldn’t quite place a finger on it, but admits that without a burning desire to succeed, he would have never achieved it.
Kaustabh, dove head-first into a world of graphic designing, turning a long-suppressed dream into a fulfilling career.
And what’s even more awe-inspiring is that fact that Kaustabh never got any formal training in graphic designing. When asked about how he did it, he says, “I love painting and maybe that is the reason I got used to it very quickly. And speaking about training, I picked up most of it at work and with some help from friends and colleagues, of course.”
His first gig was that of an Editor and Graphics Designer, and believe it or not, he is already priming to make a second career jump! Though, this one is not as dramatic as the first one.
When asked what inspired him to take on web development, Kaustabh says, “I got exposed to the world of web when I started working as a web designer at my second company. Slowly after that, I moved toward web development that prompted me to upgrade my skills. Though designing is my primary passion, I also love coding and, hence, wanted to learn the in-depth skills required to become a front-end web developer.”
He is currently working as a web developer with a multinational company, Redknee India OS Private Limited in Kolkata, and is simultaneously getting trained at AcadGild.
Kaustabh says, “The course’s online reviews, and most essentially, its structure motivated me to join it. Besides, most of my current knowledge is just about sufficient for the task at hand, but with this course, I am looking forward to learning different front-end technologies, mainly advanced JavaScript and the JavaScript Library that will prepare me to face any upcoming challenges at work and eventually help me build a stronger career.”
He further adds, “The course is interactive and the assignments are designed in a manner that helps me think better and gives me enough scope for practice in order to upgrade my skills.”
Kaustabh’s story is unique as only a minuscule proportion of us actually end up mustering the courage to do something that we passionately feel about.
Today, Kaustabh has immersed himself in an industry that he loves through a mix of his own talents and expert guidance. Even today he may still have his share of ups and downs, but on good days, he feels unstoppable.
Care for a career change-up? Sign up with courses at AcadGild today!