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Why Python Is the Best Programming Language

History of Python:

Last month, the guy who started – Python Guido Van Rossum – stepped down from his position as the ‘Benevolent Dictator for Life’ of the project. The Dutch computer scientist, who began developing Python for a Christmas project, wanted to create a programming language that was easy to follow and had repositories of code that programmers could simply build on instead of coding from scratch every time. He decided to name it Python (after the British comedy group – Monty Python) and called the library Cheese Shop. Today, Python is arguably the best programming language in the world.

Why Python is Best Programming Language to Learn in 2018?

Python’s Popularity

Van Rossum did not set out to create a language for the masses. But it did it turn out be highly popular. More people Googled for it last year than reality star Kim Kardashian! The number of searches for Python have increased three-fold since 2010, while other programming languages have struggled to maintain their popularity in the same period.

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40% of professional programmers use Python. An additional 25% wish to use it. According to one web development academy, the demand for Python has seen the biggest increase compared to other languages. The reason is obvious.

Python has made programming possible for those, who could not deal with the complexity of the subject before. Plus, there are around 1,45,000 packages in the Cheese Shop, that Pythonistas (Python users and enthusiasts) can use to build nearly all kinds of programs one can imagine.

Key Features of Python

Python’s key characteristics include simple syntax, which makes it an easy language to learn and follow. It is a good language for general-purposes with plenty of packages from third-parties. It has a variety of users, who use it for many purposes. Pixar has used Python in films. Google uses it to craw web pages. Spotify uses it to recommend music.


Python is a truly versatile language. It is even finding increasing use in the development of artificial intelligence programs. Python can make neural networks that can recognize patterns in voluminous data. It is the language that AI researchers prefer to use according to Van Rossum.

Python is also useful in non-technical fields like marketing to measure how effective a campaign is or to distribute grades in colleges and universities. Citibank has launched a crash course on the programming language for their prospective analysts. And, according to a major job portal, the number of times that Python is mentioned in job listings has increased almost four times since 2015.

Rush to Learn Python

In fact, the demand for Python in the jobs market has also resulted in an increase demand for Python in schools and colleges. The programming language had already become the most popular introductory language at American universities several years ago in 2014.

In the last four years or so, the demand for Python in schools has gone up too – from 10% to 40%. This number is expected to increase as 90% of American parents want their kids to learn computer science in school.

Best Programming Language

Programming languages like Fortran and JavaScript have shot to fame in the past. And, Python has now followed suit. Whether it will continue to remain successful is debatable. Especially, with Van Rossum’s resignation and the programming language’s lack of specialization. Even if it won’t be the top programming language for the rest of time, one thing is for certain. Python is most decidedly one of the best – if not the best programming language today.


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