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Top Intriguing Applications Of AI In Military Today

 July 9  | 0 Comments

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intellect displayed by a machine contrary to the natural intelligence (NI) displayed by a human being. The applications of AI are both numerous and varied. It’s capable of making connections and deriving insights from experience using raw data.

Businesses and organizations worldwide are working faster and smarter due to AI and one such domain is the military. The AI applications in armed forces are being utilized by the world’s leading military powers over the past few decades.

A Sneak-Peak Of AI Applications In Military Of China & USA

USA & China have emerged as leaders in the field of AI. By 2020, China aims at achieving great strides in various AI technologies like big data and autonomous intelligent systems. All of this would have an estimated value of more than 150 billion RMB.

As far as the US Government is concerned, it has been spending billions of dollars to capitalize on AI as the next best thing in warfare. Drones, motherships, protective exoskeletons for troops, unmanned vessels that can carry out missions and combat apps that can execute commands are some of the military-based AI applications in US and China.

Top Applications Of AI In Military

Adopting AI tools in defense enhances the processing and utilization of data which in turn improves the speed of decision-making on the battlefield. Below are some of the top 5 applications of AI in the military:

1. Computational Military Reasoning

Computational military reasoning solves military problems that humans face and focuses on making the right battlefield decisions. It analyzes the area of conflict and acts on the data it received from the set of orders (known as Course of Action or COA). In controlled settings like military labs, this application has been able to exploit weaknesses of the enemy successfully.

2. Intelligent And Autonomous Unmanned Weapon Systems

Unmanned vehicles that are used by armed forces, as well as the most sophisticated weapons and robotics, are some of the direct uses of AI. These weapon systems have the requisite intelligence to observe, pursue and destroy enemy targets distinctly.

3. AI-Enabled Information Processing And Intelligence Analysis

Deep learning algorithms can be used to effectively process sensor data and raw intelligence that was collected from satellite imagery. All this information can in turn aid in making accurate decisions during an operation.

4. Cyber Defense And Cyber Warfare

Cyber attacks can be detected and curbed through pattern matching, statistical analysis, machine learning and big data analysis. Offensive cyber operations unleash a large scale of destruction in a matter of minutes. Considering the speed at which AI works, it serves as a counter-intuitive force against malicious cyber threats.

5. Electronic Warfare (EW)

EW employs the electromagnetic spectrum ( that includes radio waves, infrared signals or radar) to sense, protect, and communicate data. It can be also used to block enemies from using signals. In India, Adaptive Radar Countermeasures (ARC) and Behavioral Learning for Adaptive Electronic Warfare (BLADE) are direct applications of AI in military.

ARC enables airborne EW systems to automatically generate effective spontaneous countermeasures against unknown radars in real time. This is done intelligently in the presence of other signals which can be either hostile or neutral.

On the other hand, the BLADE program develops machine learning algorithms to rapidly detect new radio threats and dynamically generate new countermeasures that are similar to ARC even in the most tactical environments.

AI industry in India is estimated at $180 million annually in revenues. However, the number of skilled professionals in this field is quite limited considering the vast range of opportunities it offers. If you are enthusiastic about learning artificial intelligence, you should definitely check out these courses that cover extensively about deep and machine learning.

Kickstart your learning today so that you can contribute to the development of the applications of AI in military in India.