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Apple WWDC 2019

 June 18  | 0 Comments

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference held recently on June 3rd, 2019.

In this blog, we will be seeing the upcoming features of Apple products like iPhone, MAC, IPAD, watch and other Apple products which got announced in the developer’s conference.

So, what is WWDC?

WWDC is the acronym for Apple World Wide Developers Conference where Apple showcases its new features and technologies for software developers. Attendees can participate in hands-on labs with Apple Engineers and can cover a wide variety of topics.

This year’s WWDC held in San Jose, California on Monday.  Let us see the remarkable updates which got announced:

  • iOS 13
  • MacOS Catalina
  • watchOS 6
  • tvOS 13
  • iPadOS
  • The 3rd Generation Mac Pro and other announcements

Now let us see each new version in brief.

iOS 13

  • iOS 13 is the thirteenth and the most recent release of the iPhone Operating System developed by Apple Inc., being the successor to iOS 12.
  • iOS 13 is faster and more responsive optimized across the system. The face ID is now 30% faster and apps would open up 2x faster.
  • A new dramatic look for iPhone with Dark Mode feature can be seen in the new upcoming iPhones. In this feature, a new dark color scheme is designed which works system-wide and across all the native apps to deliver a great viewing experience, especially in low-light environments.
  • The keyboard is extra refined dark appearance and with new swipe functionality.
  • iOS 13 brings new capabilities to the app, with new ways to edit and browse photos, privacy-protecting features like Sign In with Apple to sign in to apps and websites and navigate the world with an all-new map.
  • Apple introduced watches with new faces.With the new Activity, trend user can now keep track of their health and fitness.  macOS Catalina (version 10.15) is the sixteenth major release of macOS that is,  Apple’s desktop operating system for Macintosh computers. It is the successor to macOS Mojave and was announced in the recent WWDC 2019.iPadOS is a modified version of iOS, with additional features and optimizations for the iPad, created and developed by Apple Inc. When the iPad was announced, it ran a version of iOS.The base model of Mac pro has 8 core intel zeon processor, 32 GB of ram, and 256 GB solid state drive.The pro display XDR a 32-inch LCD, 6k retina display with super wide viewing angle, with a new , feature that does not get much attention on other displays and that’s the pro stand with counterbalancing arm which makes the display virtually display and rotation feature for portrait mode.Most home cameras today send peoples video up to the cloud which can be analyzed by others, but the Apple HomeKit secure video will encrypt and secure the video data and then store it in the iCloud where no one not even Apple can see it.New additional intelligent features were introduced on Reminders AppApple completely reinvented the Reminders App from ground level to make it more intelligent, intuitive, powerful and easier to create reminders.For instance, just type what you want and the Reminders App will understand when and where to notify you. You can also use the quick type bar by just tapping and enter things like location or like photos with tasks which helps you to organize and keep track of the most important items. If you tag a person in the Reminders App, next time when a message conversation with the tagged person the user will receive an automatic notification letting them know that now is time to talk.
    • Messages can automatically share a user’s name and photo, or customized Memoji or Animoji, to easily identify who is in the Messages thread.


    • Devices supported include iPhone 6S or later.


    watchOS 6

    • watchOS 6 is the operating system of Apple watch, developed by Apple Inc. watchOS 6 is the latest in its versions with more delightful and insightful features.


                • Apple is developing and creating apps that can run independently on the watch with no longer requiring a companion iPhone App.
                • App Store is now available on the watchOS 6 and user can now shop and download, tens of thousands of Apps, the new audiobooks app to let users listen to the Apple ebooks, voice memos so users can easily record your thoughts, redesigned Reminders calculator and also can stream great content like podcasts, music, live sports games.are easily accessible now.
              • watchOS 6 introduces all-new faces to suit users mood and interest.
              • Siri has been enhanced.
              • The new Noise app senses when the decibel level has risen to a point where hearing could be affected, it can notify the user with a tap on the wrist.
              • watchOS 6 is compatible with iPhone 6S or later or iOS 13 or later.

              macOS Catalina

            • With macOS Catalina, Apple is replacing iTunes with three all-new apps, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and the Apple TV app.
            • The all-new Sidecar feature enables users to extend their Mac desktop by using their iPad as a second display or as a high-precision input device across creative Mac apps.
            • Apple has introduced Voice Control which is a transformative technology that enables users who can’t operate input devices to control their Mac, entirely with their voice using on-device Siri speech recognition technology, which also ensures personal data is kept private.
            • With macOS Catalina, Gatekeeper now checks all apps for known security issues, while new data protections require all apps to get permission before accessing user documents.
            • Screen Time on the Mac gives users insight into how they spend time in apps and on websites,  with many other enhancements.

            tvOS 13

            • tvOS 13 is an operating system developed by Apple Inc. for the 4th generation and later Apple TV digital media player.
            • With tvOS 13, Apple TV 4K gains an immersive new Home screen; multi-user support for customers to access their own TV shows, movies, music, and recommendations; support for Apple Arcade; expanded game controller support; and new 4K HDR screen savers filmed under the sea.


          • With iPadOS, Slide-Over and Split View have made working with multiple apps on iPad effortless.
          • The new Home screen has been redesigned to take advantage of the large iPad display.
          • The precision and versatility of Apple Pencil make it an amazing tool for drawing, note-taking, and marking things up.
          • iPadOS makes it easier and faster to select and edit the text using just your fingers.
          • The onscreen keyboard is can be used as a physical keyboard like the Smart Keyboard if the user wants.
          • And many other enhanced features like new fonts, new file accessing features, browsing the internet with all new safari, dark mode and many more.

          The 3rd Generation Mac Pro

          • As the name recommends this mac is built for Pro

      Private and Secure

      • Apple’s new login service is the biggest security and privacy social login feature.
      • We have regularly seen buttons like social account log in like facebook and google login to get a more personalized experience with an app and these logins can be used to track you.
      • So, Apple wanted to solve this, so the solution is “Sign in with Apple”. It is a simple API for the developer to put a sign in with the Apple button right in their app. You just tap it you are authenticated with on your device logged in with a new account without revealing any new personal information.
      • You can choose your actual email address or you can use to hide it when you do a unique random address that forwards to your real address.


      Homekit secure video

      This brings us to the end of our blog. Hope this blog was helpful to give information on new updates in Apple Apps and Products.

      Keep visiting our website for more new blogs on technological advancement and other Data Science and Big Data related blogs.