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Android Interview Preparation Guide

 July 8  | 0 Comments

Android is known as the world’s most popular operating system for mobile devices and tablets. It is an open source operating system which has been created by Google and is available to all kinds of developers with various expertise levels, ranging from rookie to professional.

Android is a platform that supports various applications, available through Android Play Store. The Android framework is licensed under the Apache License, with Android application developers holding the right to distribute their applications under their customized license.

The mobile device market is rising at a rapid speed. This growth is nurturing the demand for mobile application developers, creating a host of employment opportunities. Organizations are ready to provide a huge pay package to skilled professionals in this sector. According to Indeed, the average salary for Android is 102,000 USD, which is 77% higher than the average salaries of other job postings.

Based on the demand in the market, finding out an impressive portfolio for the position of Android developer has become a challenge. Android developer roles have become more specialized. Earlier we used to do the design and development of the client’s projects to show case in our profile, but modern day portfolio has changed. It now consists of:

• Applications deployed on Play Store
• GitHub profile with your own set of projects or Open Source contributions
• Your contribution towards Stack Overflow
• LinkedIn Profile Link etc.

The following will be required in order to apply for the Android job:


A cover letter typically explains the reasons for your interest in the specific organization and identify your most relevant skills or experiences. Only few companies ask for a cover letter these days. If you are required to supply a cover letter, make sure to address the given questions and write in a professional yet friendly manner.

Double-check your spelling and proofread the email to make sure it reads well. Ask someone to triple-check it.


First impression is the best impression so make sure your resume conveys your skills, value, experience correctly. It is always better to provide online version of profiles like LinkedIn, Stack Overflow. Also ensure that your resume is up to date with valid information.

If you are applying for top most companies then it’s always preferred to include your projects on Play Store or GitHub. Always be active in Stack Overflow, Quora, GitHub.

In addition to above points make sure Twitter feed, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and so on are clean and represent your professionalism. Once you submit the resume to any of the company they will search online for you and thus these should be neat.

Technical Skills & Self Preparation

1. Java

Android app development is based on Java language. You should know basics of Java like variables, control structures, object-oriented programming concepts like class vs. static method, inheritance, polymorphism etc. You should also know collections, threads, exception handling, and file handling concepts in Java. You should be familiar with new part of Java SDK implementation through official documentation. A very big part of any position as a developer is continuous learning.

2. The Android SDK

Android SDK is one more important thing which you should know about. The following list includes the basic knowledge which is essential to be an Android developer:

• A basic understanding of layouts and views
• Activities and their lifecycle
• Getting data from the web
• Storing data
• Collection views (like ListViews, GridView etc) and Adapters (default and custom)
• App Bar, Material Design, Fragments
• Accommodating different screen sizes and densities
• GPS & Google Map
• Facebook, Twitter, Google + integration
• AdMob, Google Analytics

You should be familiar with new part of Java SDK implementation through official documentation. A very big part of any position as a developer is continuous learning. You should be competent with using the debugger in your IDE to help troubleshoot bugs in your code.

3. Working with APIs

Now a day all the apps are network based. So getting data from the web has become a very basic skill for app developers. It is highly recommended to learn JSON based API.

4. Git

This skill is needed if you want to work in a team & want to have a version control of the day to day code. It eases the process of merge conflicts. You should know at least the basics of creating and using a repository and committing and pushing changes.

5. Back-end Skills

To develop an enterprise level application, back end skills plays a vital role. It is bit harder to add these skills but it will add more value to your profile. Knowing either NodeJS or PHP will do.

Let us know what are some of the things that you follow while preparing yourself for interviews?

Please share with us your experiences in the comment section below. Once again, thanks for taking your precious time to walk through this article. I hope that the above mentioned information really works out in landing you a job.

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