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Android App Development Learning Experience at AcadGild

 July 8  | 0 Comments

Android is humungous. Like really big, and AcadGild acknowledges this. According to International Data Corporation, 84.7% of all smartphones sold in 2016 ran on Android, which tells us that Android continues to remain a dominant and the go-to platform for affordability.

Meanwhile, Google says that more than 1.5 million new Android devices are being activated on a daily basis.

According to Statista, the number of available apps in the Google Play Store surpassed 2.4 million in September 2016.

Big numbers, eh?

So as a rule of thumb, software development needs to keep up with the speed at which its user base grows. Besides, speed is another design principle that has become paramount to Android  app development these days.

Millennials are constantly on the lookout for apps that provide quick and easy solutions to problems or quite simply entertain their minds out. Anything less intuitive is discarded.

Thus, the onus is on app developers to put their skills and creativity to best use. Besides, demand has skyrocketed for highly skilled developers in the market today. Many developers are looking to upskill and are enrolling themselves in online Android app development courses to boost their employability prospects.

After all, it takes a lot to impress potential recruiters.

AcadGild offers a course on Android App Development that will enable you to effectively develop and upload your very own Android mobile apps to the Google Play store through its immersive mentor-driven projects.

Hear from AcadGild’s students themselves!

Shahni Firdous, Assam

“AcadGild is an excellent organisation for online courses with a great support team. Mentors share their knowledge with students and exhibit enthusiasm in their field. After joining AcadGild as an Android developer my programming skills have developed rapidly. I will give a 5 star to this academy.”

Insha Lakani, Bangalore
“I had a great experience learning Android app development in my summer holidays at AcadGild. My mentor took a lot of efforts to get our doubts, if any, cleared. I am looking forward to more such courses to gain deeper knowledge in programming.”

Shankar Lal Yadav, Jaipur

“I never dreamt that I could learn through an online course, but after Joining the Android App Development course at AcadGild, I realized that it is indeed possible, given the right methodology and course modules. The best thing about AcadGild is its 24×7 support that makes the overall learning experience better than a classroom training environment.”

Aman Vikram Singh, Bangalore

“I came to know about AcadGild through an advertisement on Facebook. I checked its reviews on Quora and found that it was highly recommended for online learning. The fee is also reasonable and similar to other institutes.

With reference to the Android classes that I took at AcadGild, the mentor I found was an expert in this field and made tricky concepts look easy and gave us timely cool tips.”

Mohammed AkramAndroid Developer and Co-Fo

“Android app development is a great choice in the current market scenario. I knew the basics and wanted to explore more in this territory. The tutor, Ms. Prettika Kaur, did an excellent job in guiding me in the right direction.

The syllabus was extensive and the classes were well planned and executed really well. The hands-on experience was one of a kind as it helped us working together as a team, helping each other solve problems and discussing great ideas.

Support from the tutor and management was excellent. With this new-found confidence, I am going ahead and coding some really cool apps. I thank AcadGild for all their help and efforts, which has helped me become a better developer. Kudos to the team!”

Gorab, Kolkata
“The decision to enroll for the Android App Development course in AcadGild was one of the better decisions I made. It was a wonderful experience attending live online sessions where students from different locations attended and interacted with Mentors during the session.

The courses have been designed in a manner that will suit everybody’s schedules (video sessions are provided that can be accessed on a later as well). Study materials and coding examples are provided for every session.

Besides, the cost of the course is easily affordable. All one needs to get started is to have a PC with a good internet connection and most importantly one should be passionate about the enrolled course.

The mentors are awesome, friendly, full of knowledge, and experience. Their teaching style is such that it is easy for beginners to grasp complex concepts too. Several examples are provided instantaneously in the sessions and show to you the difference in outputs even for minute changes in coding. A lot of knowledge is shared on debugging and critical topics are explained point-wise.

I would recommend this course to everybody. I guarantee that you will be filled with knowledge, practice experience, and confidence by the end of the course.”

Prateek Mahesh, Kid Android Developer

“I attended the Android programming course for kids offered by AcadGild. There are not many institutions which have programming courses for children. I had a very tough time looking for one and then I came across a newspaper article on AcadGild being launched in India. I enrolled myself this summer.

The best part about the course was that it is an online course so you can learn at your own comfort. Every session you attend is a video recorded and stored on the Dashboard. The Dashboard is accessible at any point of time and allows you to see your progress there too.

Assignments are given at the end of each course and need to be submitted through GitHub. All you have to do is send your GitHub URL to your mentors. This is a very simple process. After you submit your assignment, you will be awarded points.

I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot and the mentor was very helpful. I am currently working on an app and will be releasing it soon to the Play Store. I strongly recommend this course to kids who are interested in programming.

Thank you AcadGild!”

Samarth Grover, Kid Android Developer
“I had a great time learning from AcadGild. I did the Android Programming program for kids and was my first time with AcadGild. It was a great experience. I had no idea about coding before I took this course. I am just 13 years old and am going to make my first application and launch it on the Play Store, I am so excited!

The mentor gave me ideas and showed her own code so I could get a basic idea of what I have to do. Sessions with a stress on theory and practical aspects made it very easy for me to understand the concepts. I am so grateful to have been a part of this course.”

Android app development is being pursued by kids, freshers, and professionals alike. Besides, app development is a highly rewarding and challenging work; this one is for those who like a sprinkling of crackling challenges in their line of work on daily basis.

Get working and sign up with AcadGild’s Android App Development today!