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A Beginner’s Guide To Becoming A User Interface Designer

 July 8  | 0 Comments

Getting into the design field and making a career out of it might not be an easy task to achieve. So here we are, bringing you a comprehensive article with the aim to provide you with in-depth information about UI design, its scope as a career choice and the things that you must keep in mind before you venture into this field of work.

what is User Interface (UI) design?

The first and foremost question is what is User Interface (UI) design? UI, as the name suggests, is the user interface of an app, website, mobile UI design etc. It is the look, style and design of the interface that makes it easy and pleasurable for the users to use the interface. Though User Interface design generally means the graphical user interface but many a time it also includes the ones which are voice-controlled.

Elements of UI

As a beginner, you must remember a few basic user interface design principles.

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Colour of the page you are designing, namely its Contrast, Proximity, Balance and Value. A good colour pattern would grab the user’s attention and would stimulate him/her to take action.

Placement of images and text on a page adds largely to a user’s experience, and hence balance is very important while designing a page.

Typography and consistency are two other important points that you should keep in mind while designing a website page or an Android UI design page. Fonts and the layout of the pages created must be aligned and in a way that would make the page intuitive and usable. Also if information must mostly be accompanied with a call to action button as the chances of users clicking on the button after reading about the product/service is higher.

The Double Diamond

The double diamond model provides a graphic representation of a design process.These are the four stages that as a user interface designer you must follow. To begin with, do discover new designs, get into some time consuming and in-depth research and then jot down points about the best designs you have come across before starting out on your own user interface design venture.

The defining stage is the stage where after the research you would need to define which design caught your attention the most, and you can then work towards designing your own page on those lines.

The developing stage where concepts and solutions are created, tested, prototyped and then used. It’s a trial and error method but worth the sweat and time.

Delivery is the final ‘D’ of the ‘Double Diamond’, and it’s here that the entire project is finalised and delivered /launched.


UIs are the access points to any app or website. The first impression that a user makes of a brand is how the website is designed, how convenient it is to use the website or the app and how the information flows through these online media. Always remember that developing a great UI design for a website or an app UI design is an art. It takes time, patience, some in-depth research and a good understanding of the customer base. UI designs are the best when it is interactive. But make sure that the users do not feel as if they are interacting with a machine. Make your website and/or app interact with your clientele as effortlessly as possible. As a designer, it is important to read about designing and its processes through various articles and then creating plenty of mock designs before really creating the actual one.

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