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Future of Android: 7 Ways How it Will Change in Future

 July 8  | 0 Comments

It is no secret that Android has continuously maintained its position as “The King of Mobile Platform” for years now. But what does future have on hold for the most successful mobile platform ever when we have witnessed how easily even very successful ones like ‘Blackberry’ can also perish due to cut throat competition and lack of innovation? If we consider competing platforms like that of the Apple, Android has quite a few things to improve. Face recognition system in Android can improve and can become more accurate. Security parameters can be improved on considering the increased security theft worldwide. But in spite of the challenges in the path, future of Android  looks interesting.
With the launch of the latest Android Nougat, Android has introduced several new features which make it quite superior as compared to its earlier versions. Much needed features like multiple windows, faster notification, data savers, quicker multitasking in Android Nougat makes it a tough competition for the other competing OS like Windows or iOS.  When it comes to predicting the future of Android here is a list of 7 things which might change for good in Android in the years to come.

1. Maps in Android

In the future of Android, there can be a more personalized and optimizable option available for maps. Better customization based on personal choice can be made available to the users. Google now tracks every move of the users.  It should be able to provide the direction of the user’s choice of place automatically, based on their choices and preferences.
Google is hiring street view cameras to enable peek inside the buildings. In a few years time, the Android users might be able to get a better imagery view of the buildings with the tappable information of the user moving around. The users will probably be able to see any corner of the world with much greater accuracy and detail.


2. Android Payment and Security

Google has already come up with face recognition and fingerprint detection in Android, though in the future of Android it can always get better and more accurate. The security can be enhanced in Android with it comes to verifying identities. Technologies such as iris scanning must come into play in mass scale. With mobile payments catching up fast around the world, security measures can be improved by the use of face recognition and fingerprint detection for making payments using Android phones.


3. Android Hardware

Google can introduce a lot of innovation in Android when it comes to the hardware of the phone. We can expect smaller, thinner and faster phones with bendable screens in the future of Android. The optimizable display would be a major improvement in hardware. The user might not require taking photos as the smartphone would automatically do that for a day from a stream of day’s events. The batteries and the mobile processors should be able to keep up with all these changes that might come up.


4. Android Messaging

With messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Facetime, Snapchat and more to battle with, Google has a long way to go for establishing a unified messaging option covering SMS, e-mail, instant messages, video calling with Android-based tools which can be accessed from the web too. A unified messaging system might include the phone calls, texts, IMs which could be linked to the user’s Google account instead of the SIM. The users might access it from the browser with as much ease as they would do from their smartphones. As Google possess its own fiber broadband network, it might not come as a surprise in the future of Android, to see free 5G video calling and texting between the devices.

5. Android in Television

Google indeed surprised the world when it announced the launch of Android television in the year 2014, an interactive television experience with the user interface.  The Android TV can be used as a television or a standalone media player with users having access to Google play store, Android apps, media streaming services and so much more. The Android TV supporting Google Cast also allows the mobile devices to control media playback of the TV. In the future of Android, more innovations like better interactive experience or intelligent media player to play according is user preference can be expected from Android television.


6. Android in Wearables

An amazing innovation by Google is the Android watches. Theses watches let the users view their smartphone notifications in the watch allowing them to interact using voice or swipe gesture. It offers some extraordinary features like responding to text by voice, sleep tracking, interaction with non-smartphone devices, controlling music and so much more. Probably the day is not far when most people around the globe will rely on Android watches. In the future of Android, it is likely that this smart device will become, even more, smarter and the Android watch might also give us notifications about our everyday plans.

7. Android Auto

An interesting innovation of Google is Android Auto which allows Android Mobile devices to be operated in automobiles through the dashboard’s head unit. This offers the driver control of GPS navigation, music playback, SMS, telephony, web search and several apps like Google Maps, Google play music and many more has been made compatible with it. In the future of Android, it can be expected that it will be adopted in more number of cars worldwide with of a smarter Android Auto, equipped with intelligence.

8. Job Trends in Android

So, we can expect a lot of innovation from the future of Android. With more and more people switching to Android devices around the globe, it is not surprising that the opportunities in Android development are taking an upward rise. As per several reports, Android phones are occupying a market share of 70% worldwide and 97% in India (Q2 2016). This explains that Android will rule the world for quite some time now and a career in Android can be a very lucrative one. This rising demand for Android globally has made way for an increased requirement for professionals working in Android technology. It is rapidly becoming an important battleground for business innovation and startups as well as the established names employing mobile app developers to reach out to the huge population of smartphone users. The global job market for the mobile application developer is expected to increase by 32% through 2020 which is approximately 300,000 jobs. So, do you also have a passion for exploring apps, understanding the technologies behind it and want to come up with your own app someday? AcadGild’s Android app development course might just help you to mold your dream. To know more about the exciting world of app development and global trends in technology, keep reading our blog.
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