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7 SEO Tools Must for Every Marketer’s Toolkit

 July 8  | 0 Comments

Think of yourself starting a website, with its posts read by hundreds and thousands of Internet users across the world. The articles and posts in the site sweeping the Internet and the people getting high over it in social media.

Well, if you have already started visualizing the picture, one thing you must know is that it’s not something that difficult to achieve, given you use the appropriate tools. Welcome to the world of Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

The Internet is an immensely powerful platform and a strategic usage of SEO tools can make you heard by millions of people on the Internet. So, if you planning for something like I just described above, here are seven Internet tools which can help you with your venture to reach out to the millions.

  1. MozBar

Mozbar often termed as the single most important SEO tool of the toolkit by some experts can help you analyze social or page metrics of any page you visit in your browser. It uses data from 15 different sources which includes Google, Foursquare, and Facebook.

An easy to use the tool and Moxbar provides insightful data to build your strategy for your website. You will have to subscribe to become a Pro user, however, the free version can also provide you with valuable inputs.

If you are a pro user, it will display the MozTrust (mT), Domain MozRank (DmR) which can be useful metrics to measure the site authority and how you page ranks in the Internet.

2. Google Analytics

An absolutely free tool free SEO tool from Google, which helps you track all the traffic on your website. Google Analytics will provide you with every detail of your traffic like from where your visitors come to your website, what keywords they type to come to your website and more.

The Analytics tool helps you identify which are the most important pages of your website, providing information on how you must optimize your campaigns and direct traffic to the appropriate page. The Visitor’s Segment of the tool lets you know about the new visitors visiting your page, the returning visitors, their geography, and referral sources.

A new feature of the Analytics called the Social Analytics helps you measure your social networking impact very effectively.

3. Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster

The Webmaster helps you get a clear picture of what your website looks like to search engines like Google and Bing. It lets you know the back-links to your site, crawl errors, a site map of your site or anything affecting your search engine ranking.

Webmaster can help you communicate with Google and Bing to check for bugs, alerts and indexing issues and your search engines may directly message you on detected hack, malware handling.

Using Webmaster involves adding plugins like Jetpack and Yoast which adds the Webmaster code to your website. The Google Webmaster tool can be accessed directly from Google Analytics.

4. Google Keyword Planner

Another absolutely free tool from Google, Keyword Planner can provide you with all the stats necessary to guide your keyword search strategy like monthly search volume and competition.

It helps you implement effective keywords using statistics like search volume and build campaigns easily. You can get brilliant keyword ideas and insightful traffic forecast using Google Keyword Planner.

A favorite tool of the marketers, when used together with Google Analytics can help create powerful marketing campaigns.


5. SEO Site Checkup

Want to know how much your site will score in the Internet, SEO Site Checkup can exactly help you with that. It continuously audits your site’s SEO to check for errors or any other issues.

Apart from that, it can also provide a detailed comparison of the SEO of five competitors. The best thing about this tool is that it provides a ‘How to Fix’ button which will tell you how you can resolve the problem in your site.

An easy to use tool, where all you need to do is enter the URL of the site which you want to be analyzed. SEO Site Checkup offers a free trial period of fourteen days, after which the user will have to pay to use.
6. Ahrefs Site Explorer

Another powerful tool in SEO, Ahref allows you to analyze back-link profiles of your site as well as that of your competitors. Not just this, you get a detailed report on your competitors’ keyword usage and ranking of site and plan your best suited strategy.

You get to know which of your pages are ranking high and the kind of traffic the pages are getting (organic or paid). Content strategy can be improvised using this tool as you can easily discover which content is working well with the users, drawing a maximum number of back-links.

Ahref Site Explorer comes with a free trial of fourteen days after which the service become paid, though.

7. Copyscape

A crucial rule for the Internet is that the content must always be plagiarism free. Copyscape is an SEO tool which allows you to check plagiarism of any site. You can check for duplicate content of any website or compare the content of two websites by putting their URLs.

Copyscape provides insightful information on prevention, detection, and response of plagiarism. The basic plagiarism check is free in Copyscape, however, for the Premium service the user will have to pay.
So that was about the SEO tools.

Now that you know some tricks and tips of the business, why not start a website of your own where you can use these tools to make your website the new superhero of the Internet?

Digital marketing skills are high in demand across the world today and when you successfully apply these to improve your website, not only are you making your own website better, also you become a master of some of the most in-demand skills.

To know some more tricks on how to effectively market your website or blog read my post 7 Digital Marketing Tricks that Defines 2017.

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