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6 Marketing Hacks for Early Stage Startups

 July 8  | 0 Comments

Are you a budding entrepreneur looking to launch your product and see it become an instant success?  If yes, this article will definitely help you make the move in marketing your product. Once you have developed the product, it’s time you uncover it to your customers. Once your product has been identified by your customers scaling up your business may not be that difficult, but how to get more people to know about your product? Here are some marketing hacks that sure will help your product get etched in the hearts of the target audience:

Create Your Success Story with These 6 Marketing Hacks

1. Building an Experience-Based Marketing

Focus on building the customer experience of your product. Once your customers are convinced of your product, they can be the best way to market what you want to sell. This way you are taking care of two things. Firstly, you are already building a customer base who is happy with your product and secondly, the ones who found your product attractive will automatically advertise your product to the others and share their experience of using your product with other people.
Another way to improve the experience of your potential customer is to do a well-rounded research on what your customer wants. Get detailed feedback on your product and find out which are the features the customers would love to have. This way you are not missing out on any vital information and is very close to providing what exactly the customers desire.

2. Personalization of Your Product

When you search for something in Google, your first search influences the rest of the searches you make in Google. Several shopping websites suggest the products you might like based on your first purchase which is an intelligent approach to personalizing the product to improve customer satisfaction. Applying similar strategies to your product can just not only help establish a strong relationship with the customers but also will quickly make your product become their favorite. Making use of personalization makes it more likely that the customer will make a purchase and sometimes even the next purchase. Without doubt, it will go a long way in improving your customer experience and branding your business

3. Engaging the Audience

A very important agenda to begin marketing of your newly launched product is social media – a where you can directly get in touch with your customers, interact with them and know what they feel about your product. It is the most appropriate platform to start customer engagement. When trying to engage the customer, it should not be mere bombardment social media post. Simply posting something does not ensure that people will go ahead to buy your product. So how do you ensure that you engage your audience to a level that they get interested in your brand and make a purchase? Do you just randomly throw questions and wait to see how many of them answer you back? Studies show that unless you are a big brand you will never be able to sell your product posting generic questions targeted to your audience. A solution that you can possibly choose is making targeted question for a group of audience. People respond more and get engaged in the conversation when they feel, the question is directed to them. Even if this does not get you sales it will create an impression in the mind of the customers for the engagement it stirs.

4. Building Your Brand

Brand your product in a manner that harbors a culture around your business. This can be done through blogs and articles. Provide your users with an inside view of your company, participate in discussions. Let them know about the latest offering of your company using emails and newsletters. Host webinars and podcasts to send the message of your brand to a wide range of audience. Network with as many people as possible with different. Share the branding story of your product and company with the journalists. With more and more people getting to know about your company it will gradually start taking the shape of a reputed brand.

5. Offers That are Difficult to Resist

How many times have you stumbled upon an irresistible offer from a start-up and ended up buying the product? According to online research, few can resist the appeal of a great coupon and four out of five customers have been found to use coupons for making online and offline purchase. Provide introductory offers and festive season offers. It can be distributed over the snail mail with a handwritten note for a more personalized campaigning or it can be distributed through more conventional methods like email.
Besides, you can distribute samples and giveaways to your eager group of customers in return for an appreciative review on the Internet. The ones participating might just share the experience with friends and family leading to greater visibility of your product. This will not only help you make sales but also establish a brand image in the long run.

6. Develop a Narrative

There are hundreds and thousands of start-ups trying to work sell their products and to get your product sold ahead of them, you might have to come up with creative strategies. Develop a narrative behind your business. This can be a cause or a motto which makes your business different from the others or a story about how you came up with this business idea in a not so easy phase of your life. Strike conversations and let the audience know about it. This can be very effective in capturing the interest of the audience.


Behind every successful brand image, there are some smart marketing strategies. If you can apply them effectively and intelligently your product will soar sky-high in no time while if you go about without giving much thought, it can even lead your smart product to go unnoticed from the crowd who might have loved your product. The appropriate use of creativity and innovation to your product marketing can make this wide difference between success and failure to your business.
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