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5 reasons why your child should learn programming basics already!

 July 7  | 0 Comments

The world today is not how it was 10 years ago. Even 5 years back seems from a different time. Human life on earth is changing at a phenomenal pace. With concepts such as consumerization of IT, mobility, automation, robotics and Internet of Things making way into every aspect of our life, we are well set for a future that is hugely influenced, if not entirely driven, by technology. And there is a huge socio-economic upswing attached to this global phenomenon.

It may seem mind-boggling to you that there are going to be 2 billion smartphone users in 2015. Or to know that Internet connected clothing is well on its way and by 2020, 14 percent consumers are expected to be using it in some form.

Then, imagine the life that an 8 or 12 years old today, would have 10 years hence! Today they are using PSPs and Nintendos, tomorrow they will need to understand the logic that makes them work.

So, how do you prepare a generation today for what the future’s got in store? How do you equip the young with the skills and intelligence to be able to build and deal with a super intelligent, super smart world they are growing up too? The answer is by empowering them with computing and programming skills at the early, nascent stages of growing up. With time, it is becoming more important to learn to program than even learning calculus.

Introduce your child to the world of programming and give them a future edge.

1. Because future gadgets need smarter minds

The current generation is a good consumer of technology in the shape that it is in today. But in order to advance towards further modernization, consumers need to be able to understand technology, not only use it. The ability to use an MS Office or an Adobe Photoshop will not be enough to support creativity in future. Super smart consumer devices of tomorrow will need super smart aptitude in people to make full use of them.

2. They may not be developers, but definitely software users

You may ask, but my child is not interested in becoming a software developer or programmer. What you would miss by thinking so, is that software is not an option anymore. The software is the language in which the world is speaking. Even as you read this, there is a software working behind the machine you are reading at. Just as much as English is universal to communicate in speech, software is gaining the essential space to communicate in action. By helping your child learn programming, you can make them digitally confident.

3. And what if they do become developers?

On the other hand, if you do have scientific aspirations for your child, and you are able to spot the traits or a knack, it is all the more important to get them started early on to learn programming basics. The world of software is changing at a fast pace. Various concepts and nuances of software development are evolving continuously. Hence, the younger the generation, the more catching up remains to be done. Getting the basic principles embedded early, is like sowing the seeds for a stronger foundation. As the child grows up, adapting to change becomes seamless and faster.

4. The future is going to be pretty dyslexic for a non-analytical mind

The other important upshot to learn programming is that it hones a child’s amorphous mind to think in a more logical and analytical way. Intelligence is ingrained, but aptitude can be sharpened. To learn programming at the early stages of mental development can set the stage for smarter and faster brain activity.

5. Discover what’s brewing in their minds

By letting your child learn programming, you can unlock their window to a world of creativity. They develop a mind that thinks digitally and begins to explore possibilities of a smarter world. Aspiration sets in to be a part of the whole digital revolution!

It is believed that a child can learn up to 7 languages by the time they reach 7 years of age. Let programming be one of them. For all you know, the might be the next Zuckerberg or Jobs hidden in your home!

So, what are you waiting for? Time is right to get your child introduced to the exciting world of technology.