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5 Graphic Designer Interview Questions and Answers

 July 7  | 0 Comments

Every job interview is tough, regardless of what job you are applying for. It is actually a measure of how challenging the job actually is – and challenging jobs definitely do not come easy.

Web graphic designers are some of the most sought-after professionals in the world, so it is a given that the interviews will be tough – the interviewers will definitely be trying to get a measure of your talent and creativity during the interview. Fear not, though- you can prepare for your interview with these web graphic design interview questions and answers.

1.  Tell me about yourself.

The classic opening question to an interview, it is also one of the most important ones that you have to get right. You should aim to give the interviewer a brief summary of your professional persona, and not keep it personal in any way. Give them some snippets of your career so far, and keep it crisp and light. This is only an introduction – you do not need to go in deep with detail.


2.  What kind of design projects interest you?

Liking your job is not a strict requirement, but you will need to at least show that you are willing to work hard and well in this answer. With the experience you have by now, you are sure to be having some favourite aspects of designing and creating new interfaces or experiences – tell them about those. If you are applying for a specific project or an organization that works in a specific space, ensure that your answer is streamlined towards that aspect of their work.


3.  What is your graphic design process?

This has to be a long answer, and you will have to fill them in on the details of how you work on a project – therefore, confidence is extremely required here. Ensure that you know the projects you have worked on extensively, and prepare so that you do not bumble or trip across words in this answer. Employers will want to know how you plan out your design projects, and how you removed the various roadblocks you face on the way. Prepare with these pointers in mind, always.


4.  What have you learnt from your mistakes as a designer?

This is a crucial question since you have to be honest with this one – not brutally honest, though. Employers will definitely be sympathetic to your mistakes, and they know that you are human too. Therefore, you do not have to shy away from being open about the mistakes you have made. However, you should also remember to tell your prospective employers what you learnt from each of the mistakes you made so that you show that you are a quick learner.


5.  What have you done to improve your knowledge of graphic design?

This is another important question, which is meant to gauge your curiosity and work ethic. You will surely have learnt something after you started designing seriously, so fill them in on specifically what you learnt on your own accord. Every what needs a why behind it, so fill them in on what motivated you to take up these specific tools within graphic design. Show your employers that you are not stagnating; after all, you did not get called for this interview for doing nothing.

Preparing for graphic designer interviews can be time-consuming, but you can surely ace it with the help of these graphic designer technical interview questions and answers. Best of luck for your interview!