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15 Fun and Exciting Indoor Activities to Keep your Children Entertained this Summer

 July 7  | 0 Comments

Summer is synonymous with fun time, but the scorching sun dampers the excitement for the kids. While it’s not safe for the kids to stay outdoors in the sweltering heat, they also become very antsy when they are huddled inside the house.

We have come up with a list of fun and exciting ways to keep your kids excited and occupied for the entire summer.

1. Have an Indoor Picnic


Enjoy the feeling of picnic without the blazing heat. Prepare a basket of goodies to munch on and you are all set to have a blast from the comforts of your home. Find a comfortable area in your home, like a balcony, spread that soft and comfy blanket and set the basket of goodies on them. Now, you can have fun filled activities like listening to music, singing, dancing, playing board games, etc. and spend quality time with your family

2. Get Crafty


Get the creative juices flowing by getting them involved in crafts. This is the best way to keep the kids busy this summer. There are numerous videos that teach you create wonderful crafts from cheap and affordable materials. Pick something that you think your kids will enjoy and start right away.

3. Become a Master (Mini) Chef


Summer vacation is a perfect time to teach your kids, both boys and girls, to cook. There are lots of kid-friendly recipes available online that you can try out, right from noodles, pastas to desserts like ice cream. You can even try your hand at baking and bake cupcakes and yummy cookies.

4. Help Learn Something New


There is always something new to learn. Get your children to try something they have never done before which could lead to discovering a new passion. It’s never too early or late to learn a new language, hobby, or technology. As a summer hobby, your child can learn Robotics or Android/iOS application development and create useful apps. Skilled mobile application developers are extremely well paid (even for part time projects) and who knows, your children might even make a lucrative career out of it!

5. Make a Scrapbook


Help your child create a scrapbook on one of their interests. Be it sports, science, technology, environment etc. Encourage them to cut out and collect newspaper articles, photos and other features on their topics of interest and paste them in their book.

6. Make a Family Photo Book

There is nothing moreprecious than memories with our loved ones. You can help your child make a family photo book containing happy memories, so that they can remembered and cherished forever.

7. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Make this a group activity by inviting the entire family. You can also include your kid’s friends in the scavenger hunt. Come up with challenging hints that help them discover the hidden places of various objects.

8. Creative Writing

Get your children interested in creative writings like story writing, poetry, jingles, etc. This will help them explore their passion and improve their vocabulary and use of the language.

9. Start Coloring

Summer vacation is a relaxed time and is ideal for kids to explore their artistic side. You child can choose from a wide array of artistic avenues like, water color and oil painting, sketching, drawing, charcoal drawing, etc.

10. Movie Matinee

How about a movie theater experience right at home? It is easy to setup your home for this wonderful experience. All you need is a projector, a plain wall, sheets to cover the windows and lots of popcorn and you are all set.

11. Night of Games

Have a game night with charades, Pictionary and Bingo.You can also include an array of board games like Monopoly, Snake and the Ladder, Ludo, Scrabble, Wheel of Fortune, Candy Land, Logo, etc.

12. Help Them Start a Blog

Depending on their age, you can help them set up a blog so that they can begin their blogging journey. Blogging helps them reflect on what they have been learning. It is a great way to write and share ideas. More importantly, it gives them a space to share their voice, which is extremely important.

13. Redecorate or Reorganize Their Room


How about letting your kids decorate or reorganize their own space? This will let them create spaces that reflect their personality and tastes. Let them go crazy picking out paint schemes. In addition to selecting a paint shade, gather other items together and let your kids go wild making collages, putting up family photographs, their artwork, etc. The possibilities are endless.

14. Start a Book Club

Make summertime reading fun by having a family book club. Pick a topic or theme that everyone can read about and have each child discuss what their stories are, what they liked or didn’t like about it, and describe the characters.

15. Dress up

Select a theme and dress up according to it. You can choose from themes like Pirates, Caribbean beach, Cowboys, Space, Aliens, etc. Have fun dressing up as these characters and play a part that goes with the character.

Have a safe, exciting, and a fun-filled summer vacation!

This summer, plan a memorable summer vacation for your child. Gift your child a cutting-edge skill, making him future ready. Make a wise decision today, for your child’s better tomorrow.