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12 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers for Business

 July 7  | 0 Comments

Have you ever tried increasing followers to your Twitter page? Getting Twitter followers is never easy, albeit it’s an important thing to ensure a traffic for your website and make your presence felt in the to your audience. Marketers worldwide are employing the intelligent strategy to increase followers and improve traffic. Often the tactics used are not so ethical involving bots and spam accounts. Building a band of followers using ethical might means a little hard work, however not an unachievable target. Content and engagement of your followers are two key categories in this regard. Read through these twelve actions which can help you remarkably, build a Twitter account with a strong follower base and reach out to more people

How to Increase Your Twitter Followers for Business

  1. Content is the King

To make sure that your content reaches the masses you will have to ensure that your content is shared and your content must be crisp and share-worthy. Post contents which are informative. You can add photos and videos along with your post as people are more likely to share and retweet posts which contain graphics. Tweet with links as the ones with links are more likely to get re-Tweets.

  1. Build Your Profile

Your Twitter profile must be complete with an appropriate bio and a profile photo. Nobody wants to follow a faceless person, which makes profile photos a must. Optimize your bio to include relevant information about you and not just anything random. It should look professional and complete, adequately representing you. If you are looking to promote your website or product, an URL to your website is a must. There should be a Twitter link present, attached in your website, so that anybody visiting your website can follow you in Twitter, directly. Make sure to have a ‘Tweet’ button next to your blog in your website.

  1. Tweet and Re-Tweet

Tweeting and re-Tweeting are the mantra in Twitter. This is crucial to keep your audience engaged and informed. Share facts and information from the thought leaders of your industry. All this should be well timed as the immediacy of action is the key to winning people on the Internet. Twitter is the primary medium of choice when it comes to discussing ongoing events and this means you must always be ready to pick up a discussion on the recent, relevant topics doing round.

  1. Get Them Addicted

If you are representing your website or the brand on Twitter, this is one of the best platforms to make them feel connected. Respond to the followers, join conversations and converse with the using their name. Use words like ‘you’, ‘please’, ‘retweet’, which are more likely to get retweeted. People love it when they know they are being listened to. This gives an opportunity of first-hand interaction with your customers, creating a sense of personalization for your product marketing. Twitter account can be used to give a behind the scene stories of your organization. Get your audience addicted to your Twitter presence with such stories and personalization.

  1. Responsible Use of Tools

Tools like Hootsuite and Twiends can help a great deal in improving your Twitter presence. While Hootsuite helps schedule your tweets, so that they are posted on regular intervals increasing your engagement and visibility. Twiends on the other hand can help you find new twitter users with whom you can connect to. Once you are listed in the platform, people with similar interests will automatically be able to find you.

  1. Hashtags

Hashtag is perhaps the most effective way to help make yourself more visible on Twitter. Tweet with hashtags as Twitter hashtags are said to achieve two times more attention as compared to the non-hash tagged post. This invariably will attract more attention and attract new followers who are using the same keyword.

Mobile hashtag horizontal concept on blue background
  1. Tweeting on Weekdays

According to a research by Dan Zarrella, brands generally get 17% more engagement on the weekends than during the week. This can be leveraged by making more posts on the weekends than that of the weekdays.

  1. Branding

Be a part of any conversation that is relevant for your brand. Tools like Social Mention can be of good help finding out what the other Twitter users are saying about your brand. Be prompt to respond whenever necessary. If your response is something that can help people publicly then respond publicly instead of direct message response, mentioning the name of the person who asked. Whenever you are writing a guest post, include your @username in the bio. This can help you and your brand get much attention.

  1. Influencers

Influencers can make a considerable impact when it comes to getting your Tweets to be followed by more people. Get influential users to follow your tweet. Engage in a conversation with them and re-tweet their posts.


Ask your email subscribers to follow you, since they know you already. Twitter is more about making connections than anything else. Help others push their content and it will come back to you. Build your reputation as someone who puts forward other’s need. When it comes to increasing your followers, make sure that you do not add fake followers. This adds no value to your profile in the long run and might also lead to your profile being suspended.

  1. Too Many Tweets, Spoil the Fun

Tweet regularly but not so much that it becomes a pain to your followers. According to a Korean research study, a common reason why people choose to unfollow anybody is getting too many tweets from the person in a very small time span. So the emphasis must be on the methods rather than on the numbers. Tweet between 1 pm to 3 pm as Twitter traffic remains the highest around this time. Retweet posts when it’s some interesting news.

  1. Engagement

Engage your followers by asking questions. Ask your Twitter followers to comment or reply to your posts. Share news on the most trending topic. If you are branding your company using Twitter, share the exclusive coupons and promotional discounts that you are offering with your Twitter followers.
It is important that you make sure that your audience is getting what they are looking for and if that happens, you will automatically make more people follow you. In my next article will share some cool tips on how the start-ups can win over the social media crowd. Till then keep visiting our blog at to uncover more interesting news and trending stories on technology and marketing.
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