• mentor 10 +hrs. Self-Paced
  • session 2 +hrs. Assignments Hrs
200 (All inclusive)
Course Price
  • Overview of Tableau
  • Tableau architecture
  • Installation and configuration of Tableau
  • Accessing data from multiple databases (Excel, SQL, MS Access)
  • Tableau dashboard
  • Parameters and formatting
  • Cross-database joins
  • Data Prep with text & Excel files
  • Managing metadata
  • Managing extracts (Tableau Professional)Saving and publishing data sources (Tableau Professional)
  • Join types with Union
  • Cross-database join
  • Data blending
  • Connecting to cubes (Tableau Professional)
This Tableau online course module covers the basics of Tableau – its architecture, how to manage metadata, cross database joins, data blending concepts, etc.
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Bins
  • Creating sets
  • Filtering
  • Filtering order
  • Data aggregation
  • Data ports (Tableau server)
After learning the basics, start with visual analytics on Tableau. Learn how to sort and group data, create sets, filter requirements, etc., in this Tableau online course module.
  • Pill types
  • Fixing “Incorrect Sorts”
  • Measure names and measure values
  • Aggregation, granularity and ratio calculations
  • When to Blend and When to Join
  • Using a parameter to change fields
  • Cleaning data by bulk re-aliasing
  • Bollinger bands
  • Bump charts
  • Control charts
  • Funnel charts
  • Pareto charts
  • Waterfall charts
Learn why Tableau does certain things in this Tableau online course module. It covers how Tableau works – how you can perform join, use parameters to change fields, clean data by bulk re-aliasing, etc.
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Industry experts are of the view as that big data wave has led to a steep rise in the opportunities for those who are trained in excel. It has been estimated that Excel can be used to analyze and manipulate over 100 million rows of data.

In fact, candidates trained in Excel courses especially MS Excel basics excel training and advanced Excel are more likely to get hired today. Acadgild’s Self-Paced Excel Analysis Online Tutorial is one of the most sought-after excel courses that prepares you with the necessary skills to get the best roles in the industry. An average class will help you learn MS Excel through detailed videos and regular assignments. This course curriculum is updated by some of the best SMEs in the country. Once you earn your certification, you still have lifetime access to the course.

Growing Demand

Tableau is one of the most sought-after skills in the market with an increase in demand of 1,581% (Forbes)

Career Opportunities

There are around 2,000 jobs for professionals with Tableau training.

High-Paying Skill

The average salary for a Tableau Developer is $ 75,394 (Payscale).

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Why Our Courses Rank Amongst the Best
Loved by Users
  • 4.4/5 (200+ REVIEWS)
  • 4.3/5 (150+ REVIEWS)
  • 4.3/5 (150+ REVIEWS)
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Tableau is an interactive data visualization tool to communicate insights from data. It lets you connect to most databases. You can use simply drag and drop items to create exemplary visualizations and share them with a click. Tableau is the arguably the most powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end visual analytics platform for your data. It helps you connect and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders. This tool is designed for the individual. Having said that, it can be scaled for any enterprise. Tableau is the only business intelligence platform that turns your data into insights that drive interaction. Join one of the best Tableau courses online with Acadgild.

Data visualization is the concept of using pictures and graphs to understand data and communicate insights derived from it. It has been around for many years. With massive amounts of data being created and analyzed today, the task of visualizing data has become more important than ever before. Tableau makes this task easier. Not only does it require less time to create effective visualizations, it also communicates insights in a universal manner that is accessible to variety of audiences. Tableau also helps to experiment with data by adjusting scenarios and projecting different results. Since data visualization aims to help decision making, it is a process that is incredibly useful to leaders. Knowledge of Tableau is extremely handy for anyone looking to communicate their data insights effectively in this process. Get Tableau certification now with Acadgild.

Tableau is a data visualization tool which helps to create beautiful and visually appealing interactive illustrations like graphs, charts, reports using data. It provides an easy to use drag and drop interface which takes only minutes or hours rather than days to perform this task. What’s more? Tableau lets you access data from a wide variety of sources, including files, SQL databases, web data and cube (multidimensional) databases. Tableau developers earn anywhere between 5,00,000 – 12,00,000 ($ 75,394 on average in US). Hence, Tableau certification is a good qualification to add to your profile if you’re looking to build a rock-solid career in digital, data-savvy world. Learn Tableau online now with Acadgild.

Tableau has many features that are popular. Some of the key features of Tableau are: • Highlight and filter data • Embed dashboards within • Mobile-ready dashboards • Metadata management • Security permissions at any level • Server REST API • Data sharing on Tableau Public • Dashboard sharing • Automatic updates • Toggle view and drag-and-drop • Import all ranges and sizes of data • List of native data connectors • Create “no-code” data queries • Translate queries to visualizations • Create interactive dashboards Learn all about these features by joining one of the best Tableau courses online.

This course will teach you how to implement Tableau. It will introduce you to its architecture. You will learn how to access data from different databases and analyze and visualize it using Tableau. It is one of arguably one of the best Tableau courses online.

Tableau is useful because: • Makes data more beautiful and provides insights into complex data • Helps communicate the key aspects of your data in meaningful ways • Helps identify areas that need attention or improvement • You can assess which factors influence customer behavior • Helps predict scenarios and make projections

A Tableau developer designs a flow system and provides data visualization solutions to improve business processes. This job involves tasks such as creating Tableau dashboard reports, working with developers, creating business intelligence reports and visualizations, and attending feedback sessions to improve systems. Typically, Tableau developers work full-time as part of an IT department. Having said that, some companies allow Tableau developers to work remotely. This job is well-suited to people who have problem-solving skills, work well as part of a team, and can manage their time effectively to meet deadlines and keep up with projected schedules. Learn Tableau online now if you want to become a Tableau developer.

The system requirements for the Tableau online course are as follows: • Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10 (32- or 64-bit) • 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB RAM recommended • i3 or higher processor • Intel® VT-x (Virtualization Technology)

The Tableau online course will require 4 hours every week.

No, since the course is self-paced, you cannot. But our student support team will available to you 24*7.

Yes, you may. Our training will enable you to create your own project. Our support staff is also committed to help you along the way. Alternately, you can work on one of the projects in our repertoire to implement what you learn.

We will provide you with a guide to install and configure the software. Our support team will help you with any doubts and queries in the process.

Yes, we grant all our students lifelong access to the course dashboard.

This Tableau course content will prepare you for one the following careers: Data Analyst, Business Analyst. You will be eligible for these positions after getting a certification for this course.

Entry-level Tableau developers earn between Rs 3,00,000 and Rs 5,00,000 on average. With more experience, you can earn anywhere between Rs 5,00,000 and Rs 12,00,000.

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