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Data has grown to become a driving factor for various industries which is often expected to be distributed in high frequency and volume. AcadGild’s Apache Kafka Training can help professionals gain complete proficiency over distributed systems like Kafka for temporary data storage and for batch consumption of data. Learn Kafka configuration, Consumer Integration with Java Kafka streaming and much more.

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Course Overview
Introduction to Kafka Cluster
Get introduced to the basics of Kafka, it’s components and Use Cases.
Kafka Operations
Understand the installation, working of producers and consumers, configuration of producers and consumers and reading messages from Kafka.
Kafka Streaming
Get started with Kafka streams, features, concepts and architecture.
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Course Syllabus
  • What is Log-data?
  • Why analyze Log-data?
  • Challenges with analysis
  • Kafka vs Traditional Systems
  • Kafka vs Log Aggregators
  • Kafka: First Step
  • Kafka: Message
  • Kafka: Batch
  • Kafka: Schema
  • Kafka: Topics and Partitions
  • Kafka: Producers
  • Kafka: Consumers
  • Kafka: Consumer Group
  • Kafka: Broker
  • Kafka: Cluster
  • Kafka: Retention
  • Kafka: Log Compaction
  • Kafka: Use Cases
  • Confluent Platform
  • Confluent Platform: Default Port
  • Installation
  • First Hands-On
  • Configuration files
  • Broker Configuration
  • Topic Related Configurations
  • A Simple Kafka Cluster
  • How Many Brokers
  • Producer API
  • Use Cases of Producer API
  • High-Level Overview
  • Constructing a Kafka Producer
  • Mandatory Properties of Producer
  • Creating Kafka Producer
  • Ways of sending messages
  • Sending a Message Synchronously
  • Errors in synchronous transfer
  • Sending a Message Asynchronously
  • Implementing Custom Partitioner
  • Configuring Producers
  • Kafka Consumer
  • Kafka Consumer Groups
  • Partition Rebalancing
  • Java API
  • Reading Messages
  • Committing Offsets
  • Combining Synchronous and Asynchronous commits
  • Configuring Consumers
  • AVRO Serialization
  • Schema Registry
  • Kafka Streams: Introduction
  • Features
  • Concepts
  • Architecture
Projects Which Students Will Develop
Key Points

Average salary from Indeed jobs listings looking for Apache Kafka skill: INR 7,620,210.

Netflix, Uber, Cisco and Goldman Sachs use Kafka as a part of their internal system.

Predicted to be mission critical for data and application infrastructures in 2017 and beyond.

Customers Feedback
Apache Kafka is an open source real time messaging system largely used in industry. This course will equip you with all the necessary topics like, installation, architecture, Kafka API, Kafka integration with Hadoop, spark.
The course can be helpful for any professional looking to learn Kafka techniques and wish to apply it on Big Data. This includes:
  • Developers who want to move ahead in their careers as a "Kafka Big Data Developer"
  • Testing professionals currently working on Queuing and Messaging systems
  • Professional with knowledge in any programming language like Java, C++, Python, C etc.
  • Analytics professionals, research professionals, IT Developers or Project Managers can go for this course.
  • Any Individual looking for change in their career.
Knowledge of Core Java concepts is a prerequisite for this course. Complimentary self-paced Core Java training will be provided to the learners.
You will get self-paced videos of Kafka of 6 hours duration, hands-on materials, e-books on real world use cases on Big Data and projects on Kafka.
One must have minimum of 4 GB RAM and Core i3 processor or onwards.