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    What is Machine Learning?Types of Machine Learning- Supervised, Unsupervised Regression in Excel Linear Regression in Excel Non-Linear Regression in Excel Multiple Linear Regression Analysis in Excel Multiple Nonlinear Regression Analysis in Excel This module explains what machine learning is and explores different methods of regression in Excel.
    Classification & ClusteringAfter regression in Excel, learn everything you need to know about classification and clustering for machine learning.
    Time Series Forecasting Conclude the course by learning how to make predictions through time series forecasting.
Learn Machine Learning with Excel Now

Industry experts are of the view as that big data wave has led to a steep rise in the opportunities for those who are trained in excel. It has been estimated that Excel can be used to analyze and manipulate over 100 million rows of data.

In fact, candidates trained in Excel courses especially MS Excel basics and machine learning with Excel are more likely to get hired today. Acadgild’s MS Excel Basics Online Tutorial is one of the most sought-after excel courses online that prepares you with the necessary skills to get the best roles in the industry. An average class will help you learn MS Excel through detailed videos and regular assignments. This course curriculum is updated by some of the best SMEs in the country. Once you earn your certification, you still have lifetime access to the course.

Widely Used

Excel is used by around 16% of the world’s population as part of MS Office.

Basic Analytics Tool

It is arguably one of the most basic and earliest tools for data analysis.

Multi-Functional Tool

Excel is not only good for collating data, it is also useful in variety of other purposes including data analysis and visualization.

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Why Our Courses Rank Amongst the Best
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  • 4.4/5 (200+ REVIEWS)
  • 4.3/5 (150+ REVIEWS)
  • 4.3/5 (150+ REVIEWS)
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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that was developed different operating systems like Windows, Mac and even Android. It performs several functions like creating data tables, performing computations, representing data graphically and even includes a macro programming language – Visual Basic for Applications. Since its creation in 1993, Excel has been extremely useful for professionals working with spreadsheets. It is a core component of the MS Office Suite. Learn Microsoft Excel for simple data analytics. Join this course to learn machine learning using Excel.

Four features of Excel are particularly useful for data analysis. Excel has a number of built-in statistical functions, which includes tests. It offers an add-in Data Analysis ToolPak that you can use to perform more extensive functions like inference testing. Charts, which became popular before the advent of advanced data visualization software, continue to be an easy and effective way to explore and explain data. And lastly, pivot tables offer an easy way to generate summaries and organize data for tasks. They are useful for carrying out cross-tabulations, creating contingency tables, or table of means and other statistical summaries. Complete this basic Excel training to make the best use of these features. Join this course to learn machine learning using Excel.

When you program computers in a way that they automatically learn from data without instructions it is called machine learning. When computers learn from data on their own, they adapt as per the input received from data as examples and their behavior is shaped by these. Join this course to learn machine learning using Excel if you want to become a data analyst.

Computers are capable of learning more from data than us humans. They are more adept at recognizing underlying pattern in or recognizing trends in a data set that might be invisible to the human eye. Hence, they open possibilities in data science that would have otherwise laid dormant or unexplored. Due to this reason, machine learning is one of the hottest skills in the market. Its why machine learning is important and machine learning Excel VBA certification is sought by professionals. Complete this basic Excel training to capitalize on the rise of machine learning. Learn advanced machine learning with basic Excel by joining this course.

The system requirements for the Microsoft Excel online course are as follows: • Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10 (32- or 64-bit) • 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB RAM recommended • i3 or higher processor • Intel® VT-x (Virtualization Technology)

The Microsoft Excel online course will require 4 hours every week for 12-15 weeks. Since this course is self-paced, you can obviously finish the course in a shorter duration if you can devote more time to learning on a weekly basis. Learn Excel online easily with this program.

No, since the course is self-paced, you cannot. But our student support team will available to you 24*7.

Yes, you may. Our training will enable you to create your own project. Our support staff is also committed to help you along the way. Alternately, you can work on one of the projects in our repertoire to implement what you learn.

We will provide you with a guide to install and configure the software. Our support team will help you with any doubts and queries in the process.

Yes, we grant all our students lifelong access to the course dashboard.

This MS Excel tutorial will prepare you for one the following careers: Data Analyst, Business Analyst. You will be eligible for these positions after getting a certification for this course.

Machine learning skills are in huge demand due to the value they offer. Computers offer new avenues of looking at or learning from data that are just humanly impossible. They allow organizations to benefit from insights that humans are not able to derive from the vast amounts of data that is available to them today. For this reason, organizations are rushing to hire professionals with machine learning skills. And with the huge demand, 6 out of 10 developers are also already learning or looking to learn machine learning skills. Learn Microsoft excel to capitalize on the demand for machine learning.

There is definitely demand for data analytics and visualization skills. Entry-level professionals with these skills earn between Rs 3,00,000 and Rs 5,00,000 on average. The salaries depend on a variety of factors including other skills the individual possesses and background – educational and professional. Professionals with more experience and better skills may earn even more with the additional knowledge of Excel.

Data analysts are extremely popular among employers and job-seekers alike. Organizations are interested in analysts to maximize their data potential, while professionals are interested in capitalizing on the analytical crunch in many parts of the world. India and other countries are focusing greatly on analytics as it allows them to gain revenue from domestic and international markets. The increased salaries of analytics professionals in different parts of the world also indicate this emerging trend. This is only the beginning, however. The number of jobs for analytics professionals, and their significance in the data driven world looks set to soar further. Learn Microsoft Excel for machine learning if you want to become a data analyst.

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