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1,499 (all inclusive)

Data Science Course
With Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & TensorFlow

Course Overview


  • Intensive 24-Week Program
  • Collaborative Assignments with Mentors
  • Master Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI
  • Learn Tools like Python, TensorFlow, Spark, R, and Tableau

  • 120 hrs.


  • 250 + hrs.


  • 5 +


  • 3 +


EFFORT 10-15 Hrs/Week
CAREERS Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data and Analytics Manager


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Why You Should Take This Course

Data Science has become the new desirable IT job. While there are only few in the market conversant with the terms like python, machine learning, deep learning and transflow, it is also a fact that these skills are high in demand.


Acadgild will transform you into a Data Scientist by delivering hands-on experience in Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) using Python, TensorFlow, Apache Spark, R and Tableau. The course provides in-depth understanding of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms such as Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes Classifiers, Decision Tree and Random Forest, Support Vector Machine, Artificial Neural Networks and more. This 24 weeks long Data Science course has several advantages like 400 total coding hours and experienced industry mentors. This is the biggest advantage for understanding real world use cases and scenarios and applying theory in practice. Acadgild also ensures that real-time projects and case study discussions are facilitated to enhance learning. Icing on the cake is the lifetime access to our e-learning dashboard. This means you can log in and learn anytime about the latest technologies in the market.


High Paying

According to Glassdoor, data scientists make $ 120,000 per year on average.


Data Professionals Needed

The US is expected to create over 20,00,000 new jobs for data professionals by 2020.

“Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”

Harvard Business Review

Data scientists are prime assets for organizations.

Why You Should Take This Course

Acadgild Experience

The Data science classes come with a free job assistance program where coaches can help you get industry ready. They also help with building your portfolio substantially and ensuring that you are provided with all the content that will help enhance your knowledge on the topic.


Whether you are a seasoned professional, fresher or someone seeking to skill themselves in new technologies, this course can help you become a data scientist, learn a new technology and do more with your career. Enroll Now for the course DATA SCIENCE MASTER

Course Prep

To bring you up to speed

Phase One

The First

Setting Up

Enroll for Course, Access Dashboard, Meet Mentor, Attend Orientation

Phase Two


Practice Drills

Live Sessions, Live Coding with Mentors, Case Studies & Assignments, Capstone Project

Phase Three


Career Preparation

Resume Building, Reputation Management, Mock Interviews, Networking

Certification International Certification

Corporate Partners

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Career Transforming Stories

The Master's in Data Science was influential in shaping my career. It helped me understand the world of analytics. The mentors and support team were always helpful. I recommend Acadgild to anyone interested in data science.

Rahul Agnihotri
linkedin BI Solution Architect – Xerox Corporation

Career Transforming Stories

The mentor was experienced and knowledgeable. He clarified all student doubts in class and adopted a practical approach to lessons that I really liked

Ravikanth Telakapalli
linkedin Delivery Leader | IBM

Career Transforming Stories

I enjoyed the sessions with Acadgild. Amit (the mentor) was well informed and good at explaining concepts. He provided us with extra study material that was useful. I'm happy that I joined Acadgild.

Amol Vishwarupe

Career Transforming Stories

Acadgild had quality content that was helpful. Their sessions were easy to follow and recorded so that students could access them anytime. I missed a few sessions due to my busy schedule, but never fell behind thanks to the recordings.

Ezhilmaran Jayaraman

Career Transforming Stories

Acadgild covers all the latest technologies and has domain leaders as mentors. They helped me prepare for jobs and delivered on their promises.

Harshit Kumar Sinha

Career Transforming Stories

The course content was well-designed and easy to follow. Assignments were concept-based and helped us practice what we learned. The traine was experienced data scientist and gave examples from the industry. I recommend Acadgild!

Padam Singh
linkedin IT Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services

Career Transforming Stories

The mentor was good technically. He was adept at teaching and shared practical knowledge that was useful. The platform is user friendly and has a good collection of materials to learn from.

Sajeev Raghavan

Mentorship by Leading Experts

What You Will Learn in This Course

    This part of Data Science Masters program help you analyze data and to conduct data science. Below topics are covered in this Python essentials module for Data Science.

  • Python & R basics.
  • Conditional and loops.
  • String and list objects.
  • Functions & OOPs concepts.
  • Exception handling.
  • Database programming.
  • * Sessions on R are not live, but self-paced.

    This module will help users to work on messy, incomplete or complex data to make it usable using the below techniques.

  • Reading CSV, JSON, XML and HTML files using Python
  • NumPy & pandas for working on large multidimensional arrays and matrices and for Data manipulation and analysis.
  • Scipy libraries to provide mathematical algorithms and convenience functions built on the Numpy extension of Python.
  • Loading, cleaning, transforming, merging, and reshaping data.

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Inferential statistics
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Statistical concepts in Python

    Learn Regression , Classification,Clustering , Time Series, Dimensionality reduction and boosting Techniques using below Machine Learning algorithms.

  • Linear and logistics regression
  • Decision trees
  • Support vector machines (SVMs)
  • Random forests
  • XGBoost
  • K nearest neighbour & hierarchical clustering
  • Principal component analysis
  • Text analytics and time series forecasting

  • Introduction to deep learning
  • Understanding neural network through TensorFlow
  • Convolution & recurrent neural networks

  • Interactive visualizations with Matplotlib,
  • Data visualizations using Tableau
  • Tableau dashboard and story board
  • Tableau and R integration
  • * Sessions on Tableau are not live, but self-paced

  • Introduction to Big Data & Spark
  • RDD's in Spark, data frames & Spark SQL
  • Spark streaming, MLib & GraphX

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Our Course in Comparison

Duration 24 Weeks 10-12 Weeks 4-6 Weeks
Live Training Hours 120 40 -
Total Coding Hours 250 100-120 40-50
Projects acadgild logo acadgild logo acadgild logo
Gamified Dashboard acadgild logo Rarely provided acadgild logo
Lifetime Access to Dashboard acadgild logo acadgild logo acadgild logo
24x7 Coding Support acadgild logo Rarely provided acadgild logo
Portfolio Development acadgild logo acadgild logo acadgild logo
Pricing 1,499 2000 - 5000 25 - 50


The course teaches statistics for business analysis, machine learning algorithms, deep learning with TensorFlow, and programming with Python. It will help you explore, analyze, and interpret different kinds of data.

The course is suited for anyone with a zeal to learn about data science. It is ideal for aspiring data scientists from different backgrounds. Our students are generally analysts, developers, managers, information architects, researchers, and other working professionals looking to advance in the field of data science.

Acadgild offers a number of courses on Big Data, with one of them being self-paced. The first course is an online boot camp to learn Deep Learning Training with TensorFlow. This is the most comprehensive of the courses available at Acadgild and is an intensive 6-month long program. In this course, you will master statistics, machine learning, deep learning and AI along with tools like Python, TensorFlow, Spark, and R. The course is set across 120 hours of live classes with mentors, over 250 hours of coding assignments, and five projects.

The salaries of a Data scientist in India depend on the various tools that the individual has. With the basic understanding of data analytics, the average salary in India is 6 lakh p.a. However, as you start learning other tools such as Python, R, and Spark, the compensation also increases. India has a deficit of over 200,000 data scientists, and companies are looking for ways to bridge this gap. Data analytics scientists who are well-versed with Big data and its possibilities along with tools to mine it such as Kafka, can expect a starting salary of 13 lakh p.a.

The courses that teach Big Data also focus on Machine Learning. While Acadgild recommends that you have some prior knowledge of Python, it is not mandatory for you to do so. The course covers all bases with these subjects which allow you to become familiar with Machine Learning as well. The course also touches upon various tools apart from Python which includes R, Spark, and TensorFlow. With over 120 hours dedicated to the course with expert mentors and a focus on projects and assignments, you are bound to learn the intricacies of Machine Learning.

Prior knowledge of Python and statistics is useful. Nonetheless, these are covered in the course as well.

• Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10 (32- or 64-bit).
• 4GB RAM minimum, 8 GB RAM (recommended).
• i3 or higher processor.
• Internet speed: Minimum 1 Mb/s.
• Intel® VT-x (Virtualization Technology) enabled.

Data scientists work with data according to business needs. They are responsible for data analysis. Big data developers design and implement programs that make the analysis possible.

The course will take 10-15 hours of your time every week.

Yes, you may. Our curriculum is comprehensive and will make you capable to create your own project. Our support staff is also committed to help you along the way. Alternately, you can work on one of the projects in our repertoire to implement what you learn.

All sessions are recorded and uploaded to the course dashboard for you to access at your convenience.

Our mentors are top-notch industry professionals with at least 5 years of experience. You will be taught by the best in all batches.

You can view a recorded demo session in the Course Overview section. Alternately, you can sign up for a live demo there.

Our job placement program offers students one-on-one career counselling, and the chance to work with our corporate partners.
Candidates who fulfill the following criteria will be eligible for the program:
• Scored 75% marks or above (resulting in a Platinum certificate) in the course.
• Successfully completed at least 2 quality projects.
• Scored 80% in all the mock technical interviews.
• Was never found plagiarizing code.

*This feature is currently available only for students in India.

You can pay after registering for the course. We accept most credit and debit cards. You can also pay via net banking. Our payment portal has an EMI option if you wish to pay in installments.

Our ‘Refer and Earn' program gives you a discount on the course fees when your references join us. You may refer students by writing to us at [email protected]
The details of the Refer and Earn policy can be found at https://acadgild.com/refer-and-earn.

To request a refund, write to us at [email protected] You may apply for a refund in the first three days after paying the fees. No requests will be entertained after this initial period. The terms and conditions of AcadGild's refund policy may be revised without prior notice. Please check websites for updates on this policy.

You can write to us at [email protected] with your contact details. Our representatives generally respond to requests within 24 hours.

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