Data Science Course In Gurgaon Certified By NIT-KKR


The IT industry in Gurgaon has given it a new lease of life. From being the base for international MNCs like Google, HSBC, Nokia and Intel to budding startups, Gurgaon is the India’s fastest growing IT hub. The technological advancements have led to a surge in the demand for certified data scientists in the city.

The data science bootcamp offered by ACADGILD is the best data science course in Gurgaon. The NIT data science bootcamp is delivered in collaboration with NIT-Kurukshetra. The aim of this course is to equip students with the right skillset so that they become eligible for the best roles in data science.

  • 120+hrs. Live
  • 3+ Industry
  • 5+ Live
  • 250+hrs. Coding
  • DURATION 24 weeks
  • EFFORT 10-15 Hrs/week
  • CAREERS Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data and Analytics Manager


  • Basics of Python and R
  • Conditional and loops
  • String and list objects.
  • Functions & OOPs concepts.
  • Exception handling.
  • Database programming.

* Sessions on R are not live, but self-paced.

Data scientists must know how to code - start by learning the fundamentals of two popular programming languages Python and R.

  • Reading CSV, JSON, XML and HTML files using Python
  • NumPy & pandas
  • Relational databases and data manipulation with SQL
  • Scipy libraries
  • Loading, cleaning, transforming, merging, and reshaping data

Once you have the core skill of programming covered – dip your feet in the nitty-gritties of working with data by learning how to wrangle and visualize them.

  • Probability mass functions
  • Probability distribution functions
  • Cumulative distribution functions
  • Modeling distributions
  • Inferential statistics
  • Estimation
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Implementation of statistical concepts in Python

It is impossible to use data without knowledge of statistics. Collect, organize, analyze, interpret, and present data using these concepts of statistics.

  • Building models using below algorithms
  • Linear and logistics regression
  • Decision trees
  • Support vector machines (SVMs)
  • Random forests
  • XGBoost
  • K nearest neighbour & hierarchical clustering
  • Principal component analysis
  • Text analytics and time series forecasting

Machines have increased the ability to interpret large volumes of complex data. Combine aspects of computer science with statistics to formulate algorithms that help machines draw insights from structured and unstructured data.

  • Interactive visualizations with Matplotlib,
  • Data visualizations using Tableau
  • Tableau dashboard and story board
  • Tableau and R integration

* Sessions on Tableau are not live, but self-paced

Complex data sets call for simple representations that are easy to follow. Visualize and communicate key insights derived from data effectively by using tools like Matplotlib and Tableau.

  • Basics of neural network
  • Linear algebra
  • Implementation of neural network in Vanilla
  • Basics of TensorFlow
  • Convolutional neural networks (CNNs)
  • Recurrent neural networks (RNNs)
  • Generative models
  • Semi-supervised learning using GAN
  • Seq-to-seq model
  • Encoder and decoder

Go beyond superficial analysis of data by learning how to interpret them deeply. Use deep-learning nets to uncover hidden structures in even unlabeled and unstructured data using TensorFlow.

  • Introduction to Big Data & Spark
  • RDD's in Spark, data frames & Spark SQL
  • Spark streaming, MLib & GraphX

Lastly, manage your infrastructure with a data engineering platform like Spark so that your efforts can be focused on solving data problems rather than problems of machines.

The course culminates in an enterprise-level project for a fictitious client that will expose you to every stage of the data science process – from data acquisition and preparation to evaluation, interpretation, deployment, operations, and optimization. Every student is guided by industry experts as they bring their personal projects to life. Alternately, students may choose to work on a live project from their organization. Our students generally come from varying backgrounds. We encourage all our students to pursue projects that are best suited for their careers and domains. The project is an opportunity for you test your skills and demonstrate your ability to invent solutions for real world problems.

Demand For Data Scientists In Gurgaon

Guragaon is become a hub for thousands of startups and corporate giants in a relatively short span of time. This has led to plenty of opportunities for professionals in the tech space. As far as data science domain is concerned, machine learning jobs in Gurgaon are in high demand since most businesses are hiring professionals who can help them make data-driven decisions.

Job Opportunities

Data scientists are needed in industries like advertising, automobile, e-commerce, healthcare, hospitality, pharmaceuticals and IT.

Once you complete this classroom-based machine learning course in Gurgaon by ACADGILD, your certification status helps you get some of the top jobs in the city.

data scientists in bangalore specialisation wise
Business Analysts
Machine Learning
Database Administrators
Data Scientists
Data Analyst
Data Architechts

Openings for data scientists in the city vary with regards to the area of specialization.

data scientists in bangalore skill set wise

Openings for data scientists in the city vary with regards to the skill set.

Payscale For Data Scientist in Gurgaon

The payscale for a data scientist largely depends on his/her years of expertise in the domain.
According to popular job portals, in Gurgaon

payscale for data scientists in bangalore

Student Testimonials


As far as data science courses in Gurgaon, Acadgild is one among the top-ranking online bootcamps for Data Science. About 25% of data science jobs in the country are based in Gurgaon. Therefore, there’s an ocean of opportunities for those who are keen on enhancing their learning. Acadgild’s NIT data science classroom courses provide real-time hands-on experience, a gamified learning process, guidance from industry experts along with 24*7 support from SMEs (Subject Matter Experts).
Understanding the rapidly rising demand for data science professionals in the Silicon Valley of India, Acadgild has customized the courses to aid in such a way that aspirants land their dream jobs. This makes them the most sought-after data science training in Gurgaon.
The machine learning courses in Gurgaon is for anyone who is interested to learn the hottest technologies of the future. This course is ideal for residents of Gurgaon who are analysts, developers, managers, information architects, researchers, and other working professionals looking to advance in the field of data science.

Gurgaon is home to more than 13,000 MNCs and many of them offer excellent job opportunities, lucrative paychecks, and a consistent career growth to data scientists. The data science training in Gurgaon provided by Acadgild offers an in-depth and methodical understanding of the various aspects of Big Data.

Also, post completion of Acadgild’s data science courses in Gurgaon you don't have to take up any additional course as the course curriculum itself is comprehensive and covers all the necessary topics like programming in Python and R, data wrangling, statistics and probability, machine learning models with Python, deep learning using TensorFlow, data visualization using matplotlib and tableau and handling Big Data with Spark.

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