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About the Data Analytics Course in Hyderabad

Hyderabad though a late entrant in the IT sector, is growing to be $50 billion by 2025. The advancement in IT industry is helping youth in the city immensely. The average salary for Data Analysts in Hyderabad is Rs 562,778 per annum. The in-demand skills that are affecting the salary are Data Modeling, SAS, Statistical Analysis and SQL. This is creating the need for reputable data analytics training institutes in Hyderabad.

We at Acadgild help aspirants chase their passion and land in their dream data Analytics jobs. We have mentor-led, boot camp style data analytics course in Hyderabad. Post successful completion of the data analytics training in Ameerpet, aspirants are ready to seize the opportunity that is put forth due to the increasing job opportunities in the city.

  • 72+hrs. Live
  • 3+ Industry
  • 5+ Live
  • 200+hrs. Coding
  • DURATION 12 weeks
  • EFFORT 10-15 Hrs/week
  • CAREERS Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Visualization Analyst, Data Manager, Statistician

Demand for Data Analysts In Hyderabad

As per Forbes, 84% enterprises in Hyderabad have confidence that Analytics will transform the competitive scene of their industry. Some of the popular business sectors are Aviation, Oil and Gas, retail and e-commerce. These sectors interpret data to learn about future trends and make thoughtful business decisions.

Data analysis course in Hyderabad is particularly in demand because of the need for data analysts in globally reputed companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Deloitte, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Accenture, Wipro, Oracle and others located in Hyderabad. This ensures that the city will witness 10 to 15% jobs this year.

Job Opportunities

The requirements for data analysts in Hyderabad are spread across various domains like advertising, automobile, e-commerce, healthcare, hospitality, pharmaceuticals and IT.

big data in bangalore specialisation wise
Data Analytics
Business Analyst
Data Manager
Data Visualisation

Openings for Data Analysts in the city vary with regards to the area of specialization.

data scientists in bangalore skill set wise

Openings for Data Analysts in the city vary with regards to the skill set.

Payscale For Data Analysts in Hyderabad

According to popular job portals,

payscale for data analysts in hyderabad

Student Testimonials


The data analytics training institutes in Hyderabad offers quality training to anyone with the zeal to learn. It is a great platform to gain expertise in data Analytics and make the most of existing job market. Our course has the curriculum the is most market relevant to the job market. Not only that, you will be mentored by leading experts from the chosen industry, accompanied with 24*7 support from SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to help you resolve your queries.
There is a soaring demand for professionals with Analytics skills who can explore, analyze, and interpret Big Data. The need for analytical professionals in Hyderabad is on an upward swing. Currently, there is a huge deficit in the number of skilled Big Data analysts. We at Acadgild design the curriculum around trending topics for our data analytics training institutes in Hyderabad so that it’ll be easy for professionals to get a job.
The data analysis course in Ameerpet Hyderabad, is for anyone having the zeal to learn this subject. This course is ideal for aspirants across diverse backgrounds like math, engineering, commerce and others and are residing in Hyderabad. Our students are generally analysts, developers, managers, information architects, researchers, and other working professionals looking to advance in the field of data analytics.

Hyderabad hosts some of the leading national and international brands. However, there is a shortage for analytical professionals in these organizations. Some of the Multination renowned organization who are rigorously hiring are

  • NextDataScience
  • Deloitte
  • TEG Analytics
  • Accenture
  • BlueOcean

These companies offer lucrative paychecks, consistent career growth and quality of work is remarkable.

Our data analytics training in Ameerpet makes students proficient in some of the most in-demand topics like:

  • Data Manipulation
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Linear Models
  • Data Analytics with Visualization using Tableau
Post completion of data analytics courses in Ameerpet Hyderabad, there’s no need to take up any additional course. Our course curriculum is comprehensive with all the necessary topics. The data analytics courses in Hyderabad by Acadgild helps you earn lucrative remuneration as a data analyst.

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