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Data is the foundation for technology-driven digital age. Data Analytics is one of the hottest fields which is growing in response to the exponential amount of data being captured and analyzed in tech today. AcadGild’s Data Analytics with R, Excel and Tableau training is a comprehensive blended training (both theoretical and hands-on) which helps you gain the requisite knowledge and skills through a step-by-step approach to become a successful Data Analyst. Our course curriculum is designed and delivered in collaboration with the Analytic Experts.

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How Data Analytics can transform your Career

Find out why the world is moving towards adapting Data Analytics and how your career benefits from it.

Why should you learn Data Analytics?

  • 77% of the top organizations consider Data Analytics has the critical core component which enhances the business performance.
  • According to Indeed, there is a drastic demand for the Analytic professionals with the skill set in trending technologies such as R, Excel and Tableau skills are on rise whereas the supply is low.
  • The average salary for a Data Analyst with R, Excel and Tableau analytic tools skills is Rs. 491,118.

Who should take this course?

The Data Analytics with R, Excel and Tableau course is designed for everyone who has the zeal to learn and enhance their technical skills with cutting edge practices in data wrangling and data visualization. The following professionals can take this training:

  • Banking and Finance professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Analytics Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Marketing Managers
  • Supply Chain Network Managers

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Course Overview

Designed with Inputs from Top Industry Professionals

Industry professionals from top tech companies guide our industry-aligned curriculum. Our curriculum is continually refreshed with the latest on big data technologies so that you never fall behind.

Course Snapshot

Our courses are a well-balanced blend of mentoring sessions, coding experience, real-time examples to make you absolutely job ready.

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Course Overview

Introduction to Data Science and R programming

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field which is growing rapidly in response to the exponential amount of data to be captured and analyzed to solve the business requirement.In this module, you will understand both the basic concepts and advanced concepts of Data Analyst. In this session you will learn the basic overview of Data Science, Applications of Data Science evolution and scope of business analytics. Learn R, data manipulation and data visualizations in R.

Statistics and Data Exploration

Data Exploration in Statistics is an approach to analyze the data sets to summarize the characters with the visual methods. Get trained in Statistics Exploration in Statistics by understanding the various types and applications of Statistics. Master the art of making informed decisions by enhancing the key Statistical skills.

Random Variable and Normal Distribution and Hypothesis Testing

The statistical distribution is a data listing or function which shows all the possible data intervals. Get trained in Statistical and Mathematical skills to gain an edge over your peers by expertizing in the Normal Distribution and Hypothesis Testing.

Correlation and Regression

Correlation and Regression is implemented in finding the differences between the two variables. In this module, you will learn the various key concepts such as strength of linear association, applying correlation, least squares or regression line, regression line model. You will also master in advanced concepts such as multiple regression, regression diagnostics and detection of collinearity.

Model Creation and Selection

The Model Creation and Selection is a specific task of creating and selecting a statistical model. The most critical things such as interpretability, accuracy, simplicity, speed and scalability must be considered carefully before selecting the model. In this module, you will expertise in model fitting, diagnostics plot, model comparison, variable selection, cross variables and relative importance of Box-Cox transformations.

Logistics Regression

Logistic Regression is the appropriate predictive analysis Master Binary Response Regression and linear regression models are the results of proposed model. You will understand and work on the concepts such as linear probability model, logistic function, logistics regression and its interpretation, odds ratio, goodness of fit measures and confusion matrix.

Data Analytics and Visualization Tools

Big Data and the related technology wave are sweeping across all the industries. In this course, you will be mastering the following tools:

  • The Data Analytic Tool, Excel allow users to analyze, manipulate data in an intuitive way.
  • The Data Visualization tool, Tableau Desktop help users to present data to the right people at the right time to get an effective insights.

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AcadGild, co-founded by the serial entrepreneur Vinod Dham, provides mentor-led intensive professional courses in technology, design, data, and marketing. The courses are delivered in a bootcamp-style environment. Founded in 2015, we've so far trained more than 8,000 professionals and students and helped transform their careers.

Course Features

Experienced Industry Mentors

Learn industry-grade programming from our community of mentors working with top IT companies for over 5 years whose daily job involves using these technologies expertly.


Lifetime Access to our eLearning Dashboard

This grants you a lifetime of learning. You can always check in to learn the latest in technology at any time.

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Free Job Assistance Program

Our industry experts work to improve your professional profile and coach you for tech interviews at big firms. We also work with a large network of local employers who constantly send us notices of employment opportunities.

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2–5 Real Time Projects and 3–5 Case Studies

We strongly believe in learning by practice. We encourage you to implement the core concepts learned through the course in an integrated environment and add impressive projects to your portfolio.

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Internationally Recognized Certification

All major companies recognize our certifications. Add credibility to your coding skills by earning our top certificates.

24 x 7 Coding Support

Our support team is always up and working to help you wriggle out of any coding roadblocks faced. We make sure there is no delay in your learning and that you always remain motivated.

Course Syllabus

Corporate Training Solutions

  • Instructor-Led Training
  • Skill-Based Assessment
  • Recruiting Solutions
  • Bite-Sized Learning
  • Interactive E-learning
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Projects, You Will Work On

We help our students develop projects by applying their skillsets in an integrated environment. We expose our students to real-world problems and case studies from top companies like Facebook, Netflix, etc., as we think it to be the best way to build an incredible portfolio.

Job Assistance Program

Once you successfully finish your assignments and projects, our counselors provide you with one-on-one career guidance with great emphasis on mock interviews and building an online professional portfolio to help you get noticed by top recruiters.

Resume Building

Our industry experts tell you what exactly to put in your resumes and how to highlight them on top job portals.

Online Reputation Building

We establish your presence on all the right social networks like Git, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, etc.

Mock Interviews

Our industry experts give you insider tips on how to face the real tech interviews of top firms.

Placement Assistance

Interviews with top MNCs and start-ups and periodic placement drives will be arranged.


Offers Made to our Big Data Students


Hours Spent Coding


Recommendations Given by Hiring Partners


Projects Completed by Students

*Eligibility: Platinum Certificate (85% marks and above) + 2 Projects + Scoring 80% Marks in Mock Interviews. For further details, please see the FAQ section below.

User Testimonial


What is this Data Analytics with R, Excel and Tableau course all about?

In this course, you will learn about the most effective data analytic techniques and gain practice by implementing them and getting them work for you. In this course, you will learn the key trending technologies such as R programming language, Excel, the data analytic tool and Tableau, the data visualization tool. You will learn all the key concepts not only theoretically but also practically. Know how to quickly and efficiently apply these techniques to new problems.

What are the prerequisites for taking Data Analytics course?

One should have basic knowledge of Math and Statistics to take Data Analytics course. However, a brief understanding of R programming language will be an added advantage to pursue this course.

Why should I take Data Analytics with R, Excel and Tableau course from AcadGild?

AcadGild provides the best quality training to the graduates who have the zeal to learn Data Analytics and the professionals who are excited to master Data Analytics in the challenging field. You will be assigned a real-time project and the code evaluation will be done by our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) or Mentors. This will help you gain practical hands-on experience as demanded by the companies.

Does AcadGild offer any free resources on Data Analytics?

Yes! AcadGild offers a variety of free sources including e-books, technical blogs and so on written by SMEs to help the trainees to understand the technology better. To know more, visit our free resource section

Do I get to learn any Analytic tools? What all Analytic tools I will learn after enrolling to this course?

Yes! You have an excellent opportunity with AcadGild to learn Data Analytics and Data Visualization tool. As the course name says, you will learn Excel (data analytic tool), Tableau (data visualization tool) and R programming language.

What are the job prospects after doing this course? Do I have to do any additional course after this to get a lucrative career?

After completing this course, one will gain the expertise in the following key concepts such as:

  • Data Manipulation
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Linear Models
  • Data Analytics with Visualization using Tableau

No additional course is required as this course covers most of the skills required to land in a lucrative Data Analyst/Data Scientist job.

Is Tableau a necessary skill set for becoming a Data Analyst?

Yes, Since the programming languages such as R and Python integrates with Tableau in a way that helps you pick the right job.

Will I get placement assistance after completing this Data Analytics course?

Yes, AcadGild provides an excellent learning experience through world-class training from the best-in class mentors. We at AcadGild provide awesome Placement assistance and assist you in resume building so that all the opportunities will be converted into job offers.

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