Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai


India is the second largest analytics hub in the world after the US. The country has 12 per cent of world data science and analytics jobs of the world. For anyone looking to build a career in these fields, the country offers plenty of opportunities. Cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai are home to major IT and Business intelligence firms that require big data professionals. Anyone skilled in Hadoop, R, SAS, SPSS and other big data tools can make great strides in their career due to the high demand for these skills.

The number of institutes that offer upskilling courses and big data Hadoop training in Chennai has increased in recent years. Acadgild’s Hadoop course in Chennai is comprehensive. It covers other important topics like MapReduce, Spark, Kafka, Apache Pig, Hive, etc. The course provides professionals with big data training and placement in Chennai.

  • 70+hrs. Live
  • 3+ Industry
  • 5+ Live
  • 200+hrs. Coding
  • DURATION 14 weeks
  • EFFORT 10-15 Hrs/week
  • CAREERS Big Data Scientists, Big Data Analyst, Big Data Solutions Architect, Big Data Engineer, Big Data Researcher

Demand for Big Data Professionals in Chennai

Big data Hadoop training in Chennai is the course for you if you’re looking to work in one of the top firms that have set shop in the city. The demand for professionals with Hadoop and Apache Spark training in Chennai has increased steadily due to their relevance to all industries. Data analysts and Hadoop architects are in-demand due to the value they’re offering organizations. Join Acadgild for comprehensive big data Hadoop training in Chennai.

Job Opportunities

The requirements for analytics professionals in the city are spread across various domains like advertising, automobile, e-commerce, healthcare, hospitality, pharmaceuticals and IT. On completion of the big data Hadoop training in Chennai, you become eligible for some of the hottest jobs in the city:

big data in bangalore specialisation wise
Hadoop Developer
Hadoop Architect
Hadoop Tester
Hadoop Administrator
Big Data Engineer
Big Data Reaserchers

Openings for Big Data in the city vary with regards to the area of specialization.

data scientists in bangalore skill set wise
Apache Kafka
Map Reduce

Openings for Big Data in the city vary with regards to the skill set.

Payscale For Big Data Professionals in Chennai

According to popular job portals,

payscale for big data  in bangalore

Student Testimonials


Acadgild was recently ranked by CourseReport among the top 10 online bootcamps to launch careers. If you’re a fresher, Acadgild can help you with big data training and placement in Chennai. Our course is comprehensive and up-to-date with the latest trends in the big data industry. It is designed using suggestions from leaders in the industry and covers in-demand skills that can be deployed easily on completion of training. Moreover, Acadgild’s training results in international certification, which may serve as the key to join one of the many major companies based in Chennai.
One of Acadgild’s core beliefs is that learning is best achieved through doing. Therefore, practical experience during training is a core component of the big data program. Not only are all sessions followed by a quiz, assignment or industry case, but students are also required to work on a capstone project that forces them to implement everything that they learn to solve real-world problems. Perhaps most importantly, our students work closely with industry experts on projects and assignments. This gives them useful insights into the practical aspects of their training and provides them with the real practical experience of working in an industry setting alongside top-notch professionals. Lastly, Acadgild provides a great platform to network and share knowledge with peers and industry experts.
Apache Spark training in Chennai could be useful if you’re looking to transition to a big data job role. There are around 199 jobs listed on Naukri that require knowledge and understanding of the cluster-computing framework. Spark is one of the hottest technologies in the field. The number of professionals working on it is on the rise, and those who have Apache Spark certification can attract lucrative job offers in Chennai or any of the other cities in India.

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