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    Big Data Can Transform Your Career

    Find out why the world is moving towards big data and how your career can benefit from it.

    Why you should learn big data?

    • 6.4L IT jobs will be lost to automation by 2021 – NASSCOM
    • Big data jobs are on the rise, 2L big data professionals will be required by 2021– Economic Times
    • Big data professionals earn 35% more than others – Randstad

    Who should take this course?

    • NASSCOM says demand in big data will increase by 56%. Mid-skilled IT professionals will need to upskill
    • Testers, system admins, helpdesk support workers, and others working with legacy skills will become irrelevant in the future
    • Banking, finance, marketing, and advertising professionals should upskill in big data and analytics to gain a competitive edge

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    Course Overview

    Designed with Inputs from Top Industry Professionals

    Industry professionals from top tech companies guide our industry-aligned curriculum. Our curriculum is continually refreshed with the latest on big data technologies so that you never fall behind.

    Course Snapshot

    Our courses are a well-balanced blend of mentoring sessions, coding experience, real-time examples to make you absolutely job ready.

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      Case studies

    Course Overview

    Introduction to Big Data

    From data-driven strategies to decision making, our future capabilities heavily rely on big data technologies. In this course, you learn about the core concepts behind big data problems, applications, and systems. Understand the different ways to manage big data and how Hadoop fits into this role.

    Introduction to the Hadoop Framework

    Hadoop is an open-source software framework for storing data and running applications on clusters of commodity hardware. Master the Hadoop framework's features and learn how to install and run programs on it!


    MapReduce is an application framework that you can use to develop and run applications on Hadoop and Spark. We discuss MapReduce phases and data processing methods for various file formats along with real-world examples.


    Spark's usage is 21%, up from last year's modest 3% as it is being viewed as the next generation Hadoop. It is an open-source data processing framework that runs up to 100 times faster than MapReduce, supports real-time stream processing of data, provides high-level APIs in Java, Python, Scala, and R, and also comes with an in-built machine-learning library, MLib.

    We will cover Spark's programming model in much detail and teach you how to install, run, and interact with Spark to analyze real-world datasets.


    Pig is a dataflow language that is built on top of Hadoop to make it easier to process, clean, and analyze big data. We teach you how to execute its Hadoop jobs in MapReduce and Spark.


    Kafka is a distributed streaming platform that lets you build real-time streaming applications and data pipelines through a combination of messaging, storage, and stream processing. We teach you how to transform data as it arrives.


    Get introduced to Hive and its similarity with SQL and learn to write Hive Query Language (HQL) statements. Understand the architecture of Hive, databases creation, tables, and perform various operations using it.


    HBase is a non-relational (NoSQL) database that runs on top of HDFS and is natively integrated with Hadoop. Learn how to combine data sources that use a wide variety of different structures and schemas.

    Sqoop and Flume

    Import and export data from traditional databases, like SQL, Oracle to Hadoop using Apache® Sqoop to perform various operations. Master how to import streaming data into Hadoop using Apache® Flume.


    Learn about Oozie and implement it in the workflow to schedule a Hadoop job.

    Basics of Linux and Java

    The course begins with the fundamentals of Linux, Java and Scala that are necessary to learn Hadoop and Spark.

    We Are Making News

       Acadgild gets ranked as one of the top 10 boot camps in the world – InfoWorld

    Vinod Dham

    Father of Pentium

    AcadGild, co-founded by the serial entrepreneur Vinod Dham, provides mentor-led intensive professional courses in technology, design, data, and marketing. The courses are delivered in a bootcamp-style environment. Founded in 2015, we've so far trained more than 8,000 professionals and students and helped transform their careers.

    Course Features

    Experienced Industry Mentors

    Learn industry-grade programming from our community of mentors working with top IT companies for over 5 years whose daily job involves using these technologies expertly.


    Lifetime Access to our eLearning Dashboard

    This grants you a lifetime of learning. You can always check in to learn the latest in technology at any time.

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    Free Job Assistance Program

    Our industry experts work to improve your professional profile and coach you for tech interviews at big firms. We also work with a large network of local employers who constantly send us notices of employment opportunities.

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    2–5 Real Time Projects and 3–5 Case Studies

    We strongly believe in learning by practice. We encourage you to implement the core concepts learned through the course in an integrated environment and add impressive projects to your portfolio.

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    Internationally Recognized Certification

    All major companies recognize our certifications. Add credibility to your coding skills by earning our top certificates.

    24 x 7 Coding Support

    Our support team is always up and working to help you wriggle out of any coding roadblocks faced. We make sure there is no delay in your learning and that you always remain motivated.

    Course Syllabus

    Corporate Training Solutions

    • Instructor-Led Training
    • Skill-Based Assessment
    • Recruiting Solutions
    • Bite-Sized Learning
    • Interactive E-learning
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    Customer Reviews

    We know we are the best, but do not just go by what we say, have a look at what our students say.

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    • Course Report

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    Projects, You Will Work On

    We help our students develop projects by applying their skillsets in an integrated environment. We expose our students to real-world problems and case studies from top companies like Facebook, Netflix, etc., as we think it to be the best way to build an incredible portfolio.

    Job Assistance Program

    Once you successfully finish your assignments and projects, our counselors provide you with one-on-one career guidance with great emphasis on mock interviews and building an online professional portfolio to help you get noticed by top recruiters.

    Resume Building

    Our industry experts tell you what exactly to put in your resumes and how to highlight them on top job portals.

    Online Reputation Building

    We establish your presence on all the right social networks like Git, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, etc.

    Mock Interviews

    Our industry experts give you insider tips on how to face the real tech interviews of top firms.

    Placement Assistance

    Interviews with top MNCs and start-ups and periodic placement drives will be arranged.


    Offers Made to our Big Data Students


    Hours Spent Coding


    Recommendations Given by Hiring Partners


    Projects Completed by Students

    *Eligibility: Platinum Certificate (85% marks and above) + 2 Projects + Scoring 80% Marks in Mock Interviews. For further details, please see the FAQ section below.

    User Testimonial


    What is this course about?

    Our community of mentors and SMEs intend to take you to a professional level of proficiency so that you can compete for the most sought-after big datajobs. We do this through assessments, making sure you are skilling up at every step, providing feedback on what you need to improve, and timely guidance on how to break into the big data industry.

    Our course provides serious beginners and professionals with a solid background in Hadoop and Spark that is used to effectively collect and manage extremely large amounts of information, perform data-driven discoveries and predictions, and extract value and competitive intelligence for their organizations. This course is highly application driven and we help you build several projects to understand the core concepts better.

    Why is this course focusing on Apache Spark?

    Spark usage is 21%, up from last year's modest 3%. All major companies like IBM, Cloudera, Uber, Netflix, etc.,havealready switched to Spark from MapReduce. They're doing this because Spark is significantly faster and easier to use as it includes tools, such as real-time processing, machine learning, and interactive SQL, that are well suited for analyzing real-time data.

    How do Data Scientists differ from Big Data Developers?

    Data scientists handle business needs as and when requirements arise, they also prepare plans to implement the analytics project.

    A big data developer, on the other hand, is responsible for the design and implementation of applications to perform analysis on the data generated to uncover insights and to make a business intelligent by analyzing data from various sources.

    What are the prerequisites for taking this course?

    Hadoop and Spark require basic knowledge of Linux and Java, or any other object-oriented programming language. Having said that, the course covers the basics of these to ensure that those without any prior knowledge are brought up to speed before starting the sessions on Big Data.

    What are the software and hardware requirements?

    • Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10 (32- or 64-bit)
    • 4GB RAM minimum, 8 GB RAM recommended
    • i3 or higher processor
    • Internet speed: Minimum 1 Mb/s
    • Intel® VT-x (Virtualization Technology) should be enabled

    How much time commitment does this course require?

    We expect you to have at least 10–15 hours per week handy to go through this course.

    Are you going to help me develop the projects?

    Yes and no. Our curriculum has been designed in a way tointroduce concepts slowly, and plenty of exercises are given before you set out to develop your first project. You can either choose to develop from our existing repertoire of custom projects or think one of your own!

    Our SME team helps you along the way.

    What if I miss a class?

    Do not worry, you can access the session recording of your missed class on our dashboard anytime

    Can I continue the course after taking a break?

    We care that you successfully complete the course and walk out with a certification. In case you are unable to continue attending the live sessions mid-course due to unfortunate circumstances, we will re-assign you to a new batch, provided you attended less than 50% of the sessions the first time.

    This policy stands valid for 12 months from the date of registration and payment of the course fees.

    Can I choose my mentors?

    All our batches are assigned to mentors who come with solid 5+ years of experience and are subject to strict standards of assessment before they are hired. We guarantee that you will be taught by the best, be it any batch that you choose to enroll yourself into.

    How can I get a demo of the course?

    You can view our live-mentoring session recordings in the Course Overview section or sign up for a live demo there.

    Tell me more about the Job Placement Assistance Program.

    This program offers our students with one-on-one career guidance. Résumés of eligible students will be forwarded to our network of employers with relevant job openings.

    Candidates fulfilling the following course performance criteria can apply for our job assistance services:

    • Scoring 85% marks or above (resulting in a Platinum certificate)
    • Successfully completing at least 2 quality projects
    • Having scored at least 80% in all the mock technical interviews
    • Having no instance of code plagiarism in the course submissions

    This service will be made available to you for a period of 12 months from the date of course completion. Features

    How do I make the payment for this course?

    Payment for all charges is payable upon registration for the course. We accept most credit and debit cards. You can also make your payment using Net Banking options. On our payment portal, you can also select theEMI option to make your payment in installments.

    What is the Refer and Earn program?

    You are eligible for a discount on your course fees in accordance with our referral program, wherein, all you need to do is, write to us the details of the student(s) who you want to refer to the course oralready have referred to at [email protected]

    The details of the Refer and Earn policy can be found at

    What is the Refund Policy?

    • AcadGild will refund your full course fees within 3 days of registration and fee payment.
    • No requests will be entertained after 3 days of registration and fee payment.
    • In case you are found misusing AcadGild's Refund Policy for undue personal gains in any way, then the Company holds the right to restrict your access to its eLearning dashboard.
    • AcadGild also holds the right to ban you from using any of AcadGild's products in the future; We hold no liabilities to you.
    • The Terms and Conditions of AcadGild's Refund Policy may be revised without any prior notice.
    • Please visit AcadGild's website from time-to-time for updates on the Refund Policy.
    • Please direct your refund requests to [email protected]

    Who should I contact for more information?

    Write to us at [email protected] with your contact number and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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