Big Data and Analytics Training Courses

Drive your business in a better way and understand how Big Data will impact on your business. Big Data and Analytics is a promising career path with remarkable growth opportunities by creating a huge surge in the career. Our Big Data and Analytics Courses steadily increases the demand for the Certified Big Data professionals as they extract the valuable information from data and thus increases business's ROI. Our Big Data and Analytics Training impart the right skill set and in-depth knowledge on Big Data and Analytics results in landing a lucrative job.

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All Big Data and Analytics Courses

Big Data Hadoop & Spark Training

240 Hours, Solve 2 Real Data Problems

Today, everything we do is on the web and organizations have been able to get the new insights and making data smarter. And this has lead in a huge requirement for Certified Big Data Hadoop Developers in the market. Our Big Data Hadoop and Spark training is comprehensive and designed considering current industry job requirements by industry experts to provide in-depth learning on the key core concepts of Big Data Hadoop and Spark.Take a step ahead with AcadGild’s big data training certification and gain proficiency to work with Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, Kafka, Apache Pig, Hive, and more.

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Hadoop Administration Training

240 Hours, Work on 2 Real Data Problems

Big Data industry is growing at a rate of 10% each year. The big data administration training offered by AcadGild has been such designed to provide adequate exposure to big data for beginners as well as experienced professionals and gain sufficient proficiency over core components of big data, Apache tools, and Hadoop ecosystem.

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Business Analytics With R

240 Hours, Work on 2 Projects

Analytics profession is to grow to $51b by 2016 making Business Analytics using R the most in-demand skills of our times. This course on Business Analytics with R introduces you to R Programming and its statistical application, to help the business organizations take informed decisions.

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Machine Learning With R

240 Hours, Work on 2 projects

Analytics profession is to grow to $51b by 2016 making Machine Learning and R the most in-demand skills of our times. This course on Machine Learning with R introduces you to Machine Learning Algorithms with R, to help business organizations take informed decisions.

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Data Analytics with R, Excel and Tableau

240 Hours, Work on 2 projects

Did you know the current average salary of Data Analysts in the USAis $62,000? Surely Data Analytics looks like the coolest profession today and AcadGild’s Data Analytics with Tableau introduces you to RDBMS, statistical analysis, R and so much more.

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Quick intro to Kafka

240 Hours, Self Paced Learning

Data has grown to become a driving factor for various industries which is often expected to be distributed in high frequency and volume. AcadGild’s Apache Kafka Training can help professionals gain complete proficiency over distributed systems like Kafka for temporary data storage and for batch consumption of data. Learn Kafka configuration, Consumer Integration with Java Kafka streaming and much more.

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Master Data Science with Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & TensorFlow

240 Hours, Work on 2 projects

Deep learning is an application of Machine Learning using Artificial Neural Network (ANN). Inspired from the functioning of the brain, Deep Learning emulates the learning approach of human in computers and machines. Used for some of the most revolutionary developments in AI, it is gradually transforming the machine-intelligence landscape worldwide. AcadGild’s Data Science - Deep Learning with TensorFlow training is an intensive course to help you acquire advanced knowledge of all the key concepts of Deep Learning like Logistic regression, Linear regression. The hands-on experience exposes you to the real-world applications of Deep Learning. Learn and explore Deep Learning skill sets by implementing an intuitive approach to build complex models that enable the machines to solve real-time problems with AcadGild’s Deep Learning with TensorFlow training program.

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Course Features

Experienced Industry Mentor

Learn industry-grade programming from our community of mentors working with top IT companies for over 5 years whose daily job involves using these technologies expertly.


2–5 Real Time Projects and 3–5 Case Studies

We strongly believe in learning by practice. We encourage you to implement the core concepts learned through the course in an integrated environment and add impressive projects to your portfolio.

Lifetime Access to our eLearning Dashboard

This grants you a lifetime of learning. You can always check in to learn the latest in technology at any time.

Internationally Recognized Certification

All major companies recognize our certifications. Add credibility to your coding skills by earning our top certificates.

Free Job Assistance Program

Our industry experts work to improve your professional profile and coach you for tech interviews at big firms. We also work with a large network of local employers who constantly send us notices of employment opportunities.

24 x 7 Coding Support

Our support team is always up and working to help you wriggle out of any coding roadblocks faced. We make sure there is no delay in your learning and that you always remain motivated.

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