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In this present wave of layoffs and automation, the big data and Hadoop course in Acadgild has to a large extent helped me gain a sense of security as far as my career is concerned. IT industry relies strongly on skill development and old skills become obsolete in no time. Acadgild proved to be tremendously helpful to me in the skill development process and I recommend big data and Hadoop training with Acadgild strongly to anyone planning to learn new skills and eventually procure a safer future.

Harsh Kavishwar

Senior Associate

GENPACT, Hyderabad


The way AcadGild taught Hadoop development was incredibly good. I was always a programming enthusiast and AcadGild has only helped me evolve to become a better programmer.

Shubham Jain

Technical Lead

Incedo Inc, Agra


I went through the big data courses offered by several training providers. The difference between the course offered by AcadGild and others that struck me was the curriculum. Acadgild’s course was well planned and covered all integral topics. Plus, I found some impressive reviews of AcadGild that praised the support the institute provided its students. These factors made me choose Acadgild.

Rajesh Pabbathi

Assistant Manager

National Payments Corporation Of India, Hyderabad


I worked as a freelancer from 2014 to 2015. After completing the Android development course with AcadGild, I started working with connect2android.com as a partner and began handling their Android application requirements. The course got me the kind of job that I always desired and made me competent at it. It made me more interested in Android. I am now more confident about my skills and even train others in Android.

Prushni Jani

Expert Android Trainer

Code Kaksha, Maharashtra



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I had a good experience with Acadgild. The platform adopts a very professional approach to learning that puts the onus on the learner to take charge of their learning. The mentor laid out the plan and expectations at the very beginning and it was one that helped me build a solid portfolio over the duration of the course. I was able to do this because Acadgild made me feel accountable for my actions by pushing me to learn by doing.

Konika Agarwal


Govind Ballabh Pant Krishi Evam Praudyogik Vishwavidyalaya, Uttar Pradesh


My time with Acadgild was very productive. I can say this with confidence because I wasted a lot of time trying to learn on my own online. It’s not the best approach to learn something like programming. You could spend an hour watching a tutorial and not really learn much. There’s also the problem of putting together what you learn and using it in practice. I would always get stuck between not knowing what to do and not knowing how to do it. Figuring out the two and constantly learning is a challenge that Acadgild helped me overcome. Acadgild did not just teach me the essential aspects of coding, but also taught me how to keep learning.

Ashish Sharma


Capgemini, Hyderabad


My experience with Acadgild helped me become a programmer. I wasn’t very good at it before and always felt like an outsider in my company where I was surrounded by experienced developers. Acadgild helped me improve my skills by providing me a clean platform with quality content and a good mentor who resolved my queries and helped me take control of my learning. Acadgild was the right solution for me to transform my career.

Kratika Varshney

Web Designer & Developer

Deetya Soft Pvt Ltd, Noida


I joined Acadgild to add to my skill set and switch to a better job. My training helped me achieve this because it was project-oriented. The work I produced while taking the course helped me convince my employers that I had the skills they were looking for. I was able to produce this work because of the support that was available whenever I needed it. The thrill of working on assignments and projects both - to innovate and to master new concepts is what helped me learn a great deal in a short time. My advice to anyone looking to learn skills in latest technologies is to give Acadgild a shot. They provide an exciting way to learn skills that are valuable in the jobs market.

Mrutyunjay Nayak

AngularJS Developer

Fourth Signal, Mumbai

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I always thought learning was a solo process – that everyone had to learn things and do them on their own. Then, I joined Acadgild and realized the value of having a mentor, who was honest with feedback and patient with my learning. Before Acadgild, I wasted a lot of time trying to figure things from all the wrong sources. Acadgild showed me the right path and was effective. I’ve even recommended it to some of my friends, who were looking for professional training.

Roshni Kumari

Software Engineer

Myntra, Bangalore


Acadgild offers a way to independently learn the skills you want to learn. If I had to compare it with other platforms that I have used, I would say that Acadgild’s training programs have balanced resources for learning. Other platforms are too direct or try to give you exactly what you want. It’s not the best way to learn anything. At Acadgild, I was able to learn by doing. Learning was a process of discoveries and challenges. It helped me develop a problem-solving mindset that is necessary in any work environment.

Deepak Sahi

Design Lead

SP Web Solutions, Chandigarh


I think Acadgild was the best learning option and experience. It was inexpensive, short, and useful. It taught me everything I needed to know without burning a hole in my pocket or sacrificing a large amount of my time. The outcome was also very effective. It’s way better than learning from books or through MOOCs online. The mentor was extremely helpful while answering questions even though there were many of them because I was inexperienced.

Ravi Upadyay


Jorhat Engineering College, Assam


It was very different from other online courses that I attended. What was distinct was the relationship I established with my mentor. He was extremely adept at teaching, always offered solutions, and sincere with his feedback. I was able to develop my skills well under his guidance. He created the right environment for me to maximize my gains from the training program.

Santosh Humnekar

Front End Web Developer

Apex Bank, Raipur

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It’s difficult to change your aptitude by just listening to people talk and without serious questioning. At Acadgild, I was able to experience my aptitude developing, which is the biggest challenge for anyone working in aptitude training. The guidance I received was never overbearing. It helped me develop my intuition and grow as an individual. The projects and assignments were personal revelations. I never thought I could achieve such results through online training.

Mythili OP

Software Engineer

Wipro, Tamil Nadu


My experience with Acadgild was life changing because it helped me transition from one career to another. I was able to establish myself in the field of business analytics because of Acadgild’s training. The course covered all the fundamentals aspects of analytics in an in-depth fashion. The capstone project helped me put what I learned to practice, and have it judged by an industry expert, who was engaging and energizing. I have a job that I love because of Acadgild.

Somayajulu EVR

Data Science Consultant



I must say I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Acadgild. I joined Acadgild as an investment in myself and my career and it was totally worth it. Acadgild made it easy for me to learn the different aspects of web development and to learn it fast. Plus, I was able to gather real-world experience – experience that is otherwise gained from working in the industry – by working on the projects. It was nothing like learning from the books, MOOCs, or online sources. The training was just what I needed.

Soumik Patra

Software Engineer

Mphasis, Bangalore


I found out about Acadgild when a friend told me that it’s the best way to learn programming. Acadgild has quality content that is neatly organized and easily accessible from the course dashboard. It would take a lot of time and effort to create the same structure in learning if I had to do it on my own. Acadgild provided me with an easy and definite path to follow which enhanced my learning.

Muhammed Anshad K

Project Planning Engineer

VIVRT Motors, Mysuru


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I had a list of skills that I wanted to learn before I joined Acadgild and I wanted to learn them fast. But when I tried to do it on my own it was too time consuming and tedious. Programming can be difficult when you have to find answers on StackOverflow. Acadgild was the solution. It helped me learn at my own pace, which I had decided was going to be fast and it helped me learn sequentially – starting with the basics and then moving to Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib. The final enterprise project was also the right stepping stone into the professional world of programmers. At the time when I was taking the course, I dedicated one tab in my browser to Acadgild, which says a lot, I think, about my experience.

DE Shawn Minnis

IT Applications

Proliance Surgeon, Washington


First and foremost, I never thought I would learn online. But I’m glad I changed my mind because Acadgild has been extremely useful to me. I wasn’t good at coding before and wasted a lot of time trying to learn using the internet. It was a bad idea to say the least. Acadgild helped me structure my learning. It also helped me learn progressively. I was able to begin where I should have and learn more complex uses of code as I became better at it. The mentor was very encouraging, and I am happy to report that I am still in contact with him. He pushes me to try new things and take on challenges.

Satish GV

UI Architect

Wipro Technologies, Bengaluru


Acadgild helped me get a job as an Android developer after the layoff.

Ahmed Safwat

Sr Planning & Control Engineer

Consolidate Contractors, Qatar


When I joined college, my father gifted me an Android phone. That’s when my journey into the app world began. I spent a lot of time on the phone and researched a lot about the various applications available on it. My interest in and fascination for Android apps made me explore the possibilities of developing them on Google. I spent hours trying to learn how to develop mobile applications, and that’s how I came across one of Acadgild’s advertisements. The website changed the course of my career. I saw the courses and had to enroll in at least one of them. That’s how I chose Android Development.

Shankar Lal Yadav

Finance Customer Manager

Mahindra Finance, Chhindwara