AcadGild Is an Institute
for Technical Education

We offer professionals and freshers a
platform to develop new, deployable
skills in programming, design and analytics.

Our hybrid education model is unique. It combines the intensity of classroom training with the convenience of online learning.

Our Vision

To teach job-ready skills like programming across the globe with industry experts in small batches of 10 to 15 students.

Our Mission

We believe good-quality technical training is a basic human right and are committed to empowering people by making it accessible, affordable, engaging, and useful for careers.

Our Team

Karthik KSFounder & CEO

Founded Aeon Learning - leaders in online executive and technical training. I’m driven by the desire to bridge the gaps in Indian Higher Education by supporting existing universities with the technology they need to increase intake and deliver quality lessons virtually.

Vikalp JainFounder & President

An entrepreneur with a keen interest in technology, education, and innovation. Before co-founding AcadGild, I worked as CTO at FlipClass where I lead the development of next generation learning tools like an AI-based LMS. I am passionate about creating and learning.

Sankar BoraChief Operating Officer

An entrepreneur and a techno-commercial professional responsible for sales, operation and customer success at Aeon Learning. Prior to Aeon, I co-founded where I headed sales & operations and played a key role in building the ecommerce business.

Rahul JainEngineering Head

Founding member of AcadGild. I work with all departments - Tech, Sales, Operations, Marketing, HR & Finance, Strategy- at all the stages of our operations, and have experience building Tech, Operations & Sales team from the ground up.


Forging the Future Of Education

Aeon Learning aims to change how executive and technical training is delivered to working professionals and freshers. We provide an array of courses - from management degrees in collaboration with prestigious universities, to cutting-edge tech programs in collaboration with industry experts – that are delivered through an unmatched online platform.

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