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Acadgild offers a mentor lead platform to help you acquire the professional skills you need to succeed. With our experienced mentors, you'll be able to learn at your own pace and get the skills you need to reach your goals.

Why do we exist?

Our online bootcamps is unique. It combines the intensity of classroom training with the convenience of online learning. 

Our Vision

To teach job-ready skills like programming across the globe with industry experts in small batches of 10 to 15 students.

Our Mission

We believe good-quality skills can make a huge difference to the employability and hence the lifestyle of every human. We are committed to empowering people by making skill training accessible, affordable, engaging, and useful for careers.

About our team

We are a community of achievers, learners and educators. We are a team of engineers, entrepreneurs and trainers who have come together to create an online learning platform for professional skills. Our learners are our focus and we work tirelessly to provide them the best learning experience possible. We believe that anyone with the desire to learn can do so and we are committed to making our platform accessible to everyone.

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Harsh kavishwar

Senior associate

I recommend Acadgild strongly to anyone planning to learn new skills and  securing a safer future

In this present wave of layoffs and automation, the big data and Hadoop course in Acadgild has to a large extent helped me gain a sense of security as far as my career is concerned. IT industry relies strongly on skill development and old skills become obsolete in no time. Acadgild proved to be tremendously helpful to me in the skill development process and I recommend big data and Hadoop training with Acadgild strongly to anyone planning to learn new skills and eventually secure a safer future.